20 Oct 2016 | Photography

6 tips for incredible photography in the Arctic

arctic photography polar bear mother cub on iceberg

By: Liz Carino The raw, untouched beauty of the Canadian Arctic provides incredible photography opportunities in every season. For much of the year, photographers can look forward to dramatic scenery, vast expanses covered in snow and ice, and the chance to capture wildlife shots, including polar bears and Arctic fox on a snowy backdrop. The […]

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20 Sep 2016 | Polar Bear

10 Fast facts about polar bears

Polar bears have always been icons of the Arctic, and one of the most popular animals that guests want to see on our trips – they’re one of our favourites too. We love all things polar – and bears are no exception! Canada is home to approximately 60% of the world’s polar bear population. Their […]

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30 Aug 2016 | Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis

6 ways to see the Northern Lights in the Canadian Arctic

Northern Lights igloo Arctic Kingdom

The legendary Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) are one of the most beautiful and spectacular natural phenomena in the world, visible in the higher latitudes of the Northern hemisphere. Viewing this natural light show is easier than you’d think! From August to May,  the Northern Lights bejewel the night sky in the Canadian Arctic, against a […]

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