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Arctic Kingdom offers exclusive services and discretion to those in the public eye. Working with corporate titans to royalty to celebrities is all in a day’s work. We take huge pride in delivering the highest levels of comfort and safety and making the best of the polar region accessible to the world’s elite.

Business Leaders

For top business leaders, our safety plans and capabilities can be deployed at extremely high levels to provide comfort to boards and for key person insurance policies.

Film Talent

For film talent weary of filming in the arctic or anywhere remote, we offer VIP luxurious accommodations and standards of care as well as the ability to minimize travel times through private direct jets and helicopter transfer.


Arctic Kingdom works closely with our yacht management and operational partners and captains. We have supported some of the world’s largest megayachts and can provide expert staff, guidance on routes and piloting assistance, itinerary planning, travel coordination services, permitting, community coordination for visits and unique polar equipment for sale or rent.

Private Jets

We offer advice and the potential for runway preparation for jets of all size and can organize for immediate transfers by helicopter to remote luxury camps. Whether working with fractional ownership companies, arranging for private charters on arctic airlines or the flight crew of a corporate jet, we can arrange for fuel, plan for alternates, provide permits and manage border clearance requirements and ensure the most direct and efficient flight.

Time Sensitive

We understand that the world’s most successful people have many demands on their time. We strive to make a visit to the arctic or Antarctic as efficient and successful as possible. From planning alternate locations depending upon weather at the time to advance scouting and monitoring of different locations to select the best there are many ways we can pack a lot into a short time with a much greater chance of success. Just because time is limited doesn’t mean that the experience should be. For clients who want or need to stay in touch with the rest of world, we can provide phone, internet and even a working smart phone anywhere worldwide.

Extreme Comfort

Arctic Kingdom can create a bubble of luxury to deliver all of our experiences from the comfort you are accustomed to. From tracked amphibious vehicles with limousine interiors to bush planes with executive jet interiors, we can ensure all transportation maintains a world class level. Luxury rigid dome camps, fine bed linens, butler service, gourmet chefs and menus customized to the group’s ethnicity are all in a day’s work. We can help make the transition from a Middle Eastern desert to a polar desert an easy one!


The world’s most successful rarely travel light or alone. From assistants to security staff, Arctic Kingdom can seamlessly manage large groups and can offer different levels of accommodations to bring the required staff. We specialize in remote communications and can provide the tools for all to stay in touch with each other and the world.

The Raw Basics – In Comfort & Safety

VIP trips sometimes have nothing to do with extravagance and everything to do with getting far away from absolutely everything and enjoying the most powerful raw natural experiences with your family in comfort and safety. Arctic Kingdom specializes in custom family trips and offers all of our itineraries on a private basis to similar but completely secluded remote destinations. Sometimes privacy, simplicity and quality time with family and friends may be the most meaningful and memorable experience to connect with nature, recharge in solitude and tranquility with a daily dose of amazing nature and the opportunity to stimulate of all of your senses. Learn about the polar regions from the world’s top polar photographers, filmmakers, scientists, explorers and local indigenous peoples and your list of “must see” polar locations will grow exponentially!
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