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Science in the arctic is becoming increasingly more urgent. Whether studying endangered species, searching for new potential cures, monitoring global warming, tracking the spread of pollutants or finding new mineral deposits the rush to unlock the arctic's secrets is ever more important and to get the most out of every day in the field. Arctic Kingdom offers full expedition planning, outfitting services and equipment rentals for institutions, societies and field schools. We allow scientists to focus on research rather than logistical distractions. All of our expeditions can gather field data from more locations over extended periods. The television and magazines we work with may also help promote issues around the world.


Science in the field may be quick and seamless to take samples back to the lab or may require months of fieldwork over many years and collaboration across many regions. Whether tracking whales across multiple jurisdictions or doing very narrowly focused population or diversity counts in a specific region, Arctic Kingdom can support any research program. Because of our wide geographic range, we can effectively train Inuit living in many jurisdictions on how to identify and report specific wildlife incidence. Work with animals may require much specialized equipment and Arctic Kingdom has designed and manufactured many unique tools from portable viewing platforms and cold weather blinds to polar bear proof cabins. Our experience with both scuba diving and climbing can provide scientific support under water for scientific projects that the experience to collect samples, monitor conditions or observe wildlife behavior. All scientific work requires multiple permits and/or permission depending upon the scope of the work. Through Arctic Kingdom's regular physical presence in many regions and relationships at the government through municipal and grass roots level we can at times accelerate and streamline the application process to get the necessary approvals much faster than if left to percolate through the standard channels.


The arctic holds many prehistoric and historic secrets ranging from the first inhabitants of America many thousands of years ago to the explorers from the past three centuries. Fossils and even petrified forests remind us of a time on earth when the arctic was lush and full of life. Whether conducting a survey, or undertking a dig, archaeology is painstaking work that requires a tremendous amount of diligence and coordination amongst all parties involved. The limited arctic season makes maximizing these opportunities critical. Whether setting up a mobile camp to survey new regions or setting up large tents over excavation sites, Arctic Kingdom can provide the infrastructure and support to allow scientists to focus all of their attention on the work a t hand. Arctic Kingdom and our extended network have extensive experience with underwater work and can provide everything from support vessels with topside air to portable compressors, side scan, magnetometers, sub bottom profilers, ROVs and dredges. All archaological work must be approved and performed by or under the direction of professionally licensed archaeologists. We are proud to have worked with many of Canada's best and can help with permitting applications and hands-on field support.


The arctic is a geologist's dream. From the towering stratified cliffs to the glaciers and iceberg calving grounds there is no end to the knowledge we can gain from this region. New emphasis on developing mining opportunities and the possibiliy in the future of gas extraction has substtantially increased the demand for analysis and knowledge of these remote lands. Arctic Kingdom can provide camps with landing strips for bush planes performing remote sensing and organize for advance fuel caches. We can provide mobile camps for studies covering large areas or large base camps for work such as extracting core samples from deep in the ground or ice. Arctic Kingdom's experience with both rock climbing and scuba diving can help set up or supervise work around or over cliffs and even under the water in caves, volcanic tunnels, crater lakes, glacier melt pools or anywhere that underwater work is required. All scientific work requires advance permitting. Arctic Kingdom can help with such paperwork and can occasionally accelerate approvals through our regular work and presence at all levels from territorial governments through the municipal and grass roots level.


The arctic region presents many unique opportunities to observe the heavens above. From rare once-in-a-lifetime observations only possible in the arctic through more regular monitoring of the atmosphere and dispersement of pollutants to the Northern Lights, Arctic Kingdom can provide the logistical support to access and observe the skies. Whether in the deep heart of winter darkness or during the summer months of the midnight sun, we can look after all aspects of the expedition to keep the scientific focus on the expansive skies above.
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