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Arctic Kingdom has had the pleasure to play both host and occasionally subject to many distinguished professional photographers. As our locations and specific date periods for our Arctic trips are chosen to provide the best opportunities to view rare animals and behavior - we frequently find ourselves sharing the ice floe with many of the world's top photographers. The arctic is a photographer's paradise. From the never ending landscapes of ice and ocean, cliffs and snow capped mountains to the many arctic animals there is no shortage of stunning scenery and opportunities for breath taking images. From macro to wide angle from underwater to the crystal clear night sky in winter - the Arctic photography possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Wildlife Photography

Photographing wildlife in the arctic takes patience and perseverance but rewards those with the commitment and sense of adventure with images of rarely seen animals and almost always something special. There is so little known about the many animals of the arctic and the chance to photograph something really unique is more the rule than the exception on any arctic expedition. Arctic Kingdom has worked with many of the world's most accomplished professionals and with dozens of serious amateurs. Even amateurs may find themselves capturing world class images on a point-and-shoot just by being in 'the right place at the right time'. Indeed, all the technology and experience means little compared with being in the right place at the right time. Arctic Kingdom strives to provide access to the best areas with the greatest likelihood of photographing the many unique arctic animals. We have set up custom camps to be used as blinds, have designed portable polar bear proof cabins and constantly continue to push our knowledge and capabilities to offer the very best of the arctic to the world's best. We take a great amount of pride in those who have joined us in the north to photograph this special part of the world and in how widely published these images have been used. Every expedition offers new opportunities and we are constantly adding new and exciting possibilities to photograph animals in conditions and with backdrops and engaging in behavior never before photographed.

Landscape Photography

The arctic is an expansive land where the horizon is regularly at the end of the earth. The opportunities to photograph towering cliffs, fields of jumbled ice, shining icebergs and even the sparkle of the sun in a small icycle must be experienced. The lighting of the midnight sun as it moves around the sky and reflects off the ice, ocean and sky is magical and spiritual. Whether travelling over land, ice or over water, Arctic Kingdom provides camp sites on the tundra, the sea ice and islands amongst the pack ice. The many landscapes and seasons of the arctic are constantly changing and must be the world's most diverse region of stunning landscapes and ever changing lighting.


There is no better backdrops than the arctic's landscapes and animals to capture imagery of products being put to the ultimate test in one of the world's harshest climates. From amazing landscapes of icebergs and skyscapes through the diversity of animals, potential for sports and rich Inuit culture the possibilities for creative photography are endless. Arctic Kingdom also rents arctic expedition gear such as tents and almost anything we use in the field for photo shoots. We can also set up "arctic-like" camps in more southernly latitudes in Canada, the northern US or Europe. Whether doing the real thing in the arctic, simulating it in the "South" or staging it in a studio - Arctic Kingdom can provide the gear and advice for a stunning set and maximum product exposure.

Underwater Photography

The crystal clear waters, unique ice formations and life from the microscopic to the enormous whales and underwater heritage present stunning opportunities. Arctic Kingdom is the world's most experienced arctic diving company and knows what photographers want. We are focused on underwater visibility and have alternative safety procedures designed specifically for maximizing effective photographic opportunities. Arctic Kingdom provides everything from dedicated dive tents with hole cut outs to hot water drilling systems, extremely long chain saws and ice augers to all of the ropes, harnesses, oxygen and safety equipment necessary to set up, conduct and supervise diving activities in the arctic. From photographing copepods to soft corals, jumbled rough ice to spreading glaciers and from the many whales to custom made cages for walrus and other marine animals, we can provide the means to find and safely access the arctic's most special underwater realm.
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