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Who chooses us?

Arctic Kingdom helps many people to safely and comfortably spend time in the arctic for both pleasure and work. Our experience, local knowledge of the peoples and land, relationships with logistical providers and world's best field equipment allows us to provide unparalleled service to individual travelers, tour operators, photographers, divers, film crews, scientists and work crews. Whether you are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime family vacation, guidance on where and when to go for particular types of wildlife or scenery or support to deliver safety and comfort to professionals in the field, Arctic Kingdom is ready to help. From providing a few pieces of equipment and consulting through to complete hands-on management of every aspect of a polar project, Arctic Kingdom is available to satisfy every polar need and wish.


Traveling to the arctic is a once in a lifetime family vacation. We work with you to you create an adventure that intertwines the unique opportunity to visit one of the last remaining wildernesses on the planet with a unique learning opportunity for your kids (and yourself) that is beyond compare. On one of our private family trips, you'll have the chance to work with actual scientific teams doing research, learning in the field rather than in a classroom setting. You may help with whale counts, glaciological research, or archaeological excavations. Even the most jaded teenager would have to admit, that's pretty cool! Download our PDF for examples of types of research you will have access to participate in.


The history of the arctic is also one of adventure, exploration, testing the limits of human capabilities and resolve, then returning to share these experiences with the world. We at Arctic Kingdom have a deep respect for the spirit of exploration and a practical understanding of the logistical necessities involved. Meeting the challenges of sponsorship, promotion, marketing, ongoing field support, and obtaining specialized equipment is one of our specialities.


The Arctic is one of the last frontiers of dive adventures, come and explore it with us. With over a decade of experience, we've brought clients to scuba dive with nearly every animal you could see in these waters. Our emphasis is on safety and preparedness, we've invested in the highest quality equipment and staff are trained to top standards. We offer several spectacular options for dives, from swimming with whales to exploring around the ice.


As our trips are specifically designed to observe rare animals and their behavior, we frequently find ourselves sharing the ice with top professional photographers. We've had years of experience assisting photographers gain access to incredible landscapes, wildlife inhabitants, and underwater areas rich with marine life. Arctic Kingdom provides camp sites on the tundra, the sea ice, and islands amongst the pack ice. The many landscapes and seasons of the arctic are constantly changing and are among the world’s most diverse region of stunning landscapes and ever changing lighting.


Arctic Kingdom has worked with many companies providing unique tailored products ranging from company conferences and executive retreats to high-profile sponsorship opportunities to product photography and cold weather testing.


Whether your goal is an extended film project, an immediate advertising assignment, a unique episode for a TV show, or a segment for movie, Arctic Kingdom is ready to help. We have the experience and knowledge of Arctic filming requirements, experience coordinating crews, and access to custom equipment. From feature films, documentaries, to commercials, we've worked with a wide range of film projects. Each project is different in specific needs, our company is well equipped to assist you in obtaining footage which exceeds your expectations.


Arctic Kingdom offers full expedition planning, outfitting, and equipment for institutions, societies, and field schools. We handle logistics, freeing up scientists to focus on research. Our expeditions can gather field data over extended periods of time without trouble and we've worked with researchers from many disciplines including wildlife, archaeology, geology, meteorology, and marine biology.


The polar regions are rapidly developing and Arctic Kingdom provides support for industry professionals wherever they need to work. From environmental clean ups of old abandoned sites to building and equipping new scientific facilities to engineers performing repairs or salvaging airplanes in remote corners of the world, Arctic Kingdom offers professionally operated mobile camps and logistical support.


We offer exclusive travel services and discretion to clients who prefer to remain out of the public eye. Arctic Kingdom takes a great deal of pride assisting VIP clients. We are happy to accommodate private jets and mega yachts, provide luxury field accommodations to you and your entourage, and allow you to relax and connect with the Arctic's stunning natural beauty in complete seclusion. Our trips can be customized in every way to accommodate your needs in location and schedule.
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