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Whether your goal is an extended film project, an immediate advertising assignment, a unique episode for a TV show, or a segment for movie, Arctic Kingdom is ready to help. Arctic Kingdom has the experience and knowledge of Arctic filming requirements, and we are able to coordinate Canadian film crews, and provide custom Arctic equipment. It is both extremely challenging and rewarding to record the unique images and sounds of the Arctic that are so scarcely captured. Every Arctic filming project is different in focus, duration, filming techniques, equipment requirements, team size, experience and budget. Arctic Kingdom is well experienced with the unique demands of professional filmmakers and photographers. We look forward to making your project an exceptionally memorable and successful one.

Filming in the Arctic

We have worked on almost every type of project ranging from an individual filmmakers to simultaneous crews working on coordinated filming from the air, ground and underwater.

Feature Films

Arctic Kingdom specializes in features and has redefined the possibilities for cutting edge productions to access the world’s most spectacular wildlife and environments.


Natural History, Current Affairs, Docudramas, Cinema Verité, Travel Shows & Reality TV. From underwater to aerial filming to coordinating and recommending talent we help earn the awards!


Stunning scenery and strong association and product validation with the most rugged environment on earth together with expedition sponsorship & event marketing.


Arctic Kingdom can provide or recommend professional production personnel in both the US and Canada with extensive polar and cold weather filming experience. Whether filming for TV or the big screen, from underwater to the air, and whether union membership required we can build a team to meet any requirement. We work with professional aboriginal camera crews as well and look for opportunities to develop and use local expertise whenever possible.


Understanding the location, possible scenarios for weather or animals and tradeoffs between locations helps to maximize the investment in the shoot and ensure the greatest chance of success.

Field Services

Arctic Kingdom's early involvment in pre-production planning saves time and money, freeing you to focus on actual film-making in ideal locations. We provide experience with script analysis, working with within budget ranges, location scouting, and location management once you're shooting. Obtaining necessary permits can be complicated; we're able assist you with these logistical concerns along with field safety, providing clothing, food, comfortable accomodations, use of our vehicles, and can aid you in obtaining world class production equipment from Canada or the United States.

Financial Services

Arctic Kingdom offers a unique field planning and costing service as part of pre-production budget and logistics optomization. We'll work closely with you to maintain daily budget projections, and are able to credit the Canadian Government Sales Tax back to all international film productions – saving you up to 5% of your budget. Other financial services we offer include recouping labor tax credits and advising you regarding available support grants or possible government assistance.

Past Projects

Arctic Kingdom is proud to have worked with many prominent film crews from around the world.
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