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Travel to a place that transforms lives, that will live on in memories forever, that will make even the most blasé teenager grudgingly admit, "that was cool". Let us lead you on a luxury land-based family trip that will bridge generation gaps and create family bonds to last a lifetime. Create, specific to your family's needs, an Arctic adventure that intertwines the romance of visiting one of the last remaining wildernesses on the planet with a learning opportunity for your kids (and yourself) that is beyond compare. This is exactly what Arctic Kingdom does - and only Arctic Kingdom can do.

No better learning than experiencing

We learn by doing. With one of our private family trips, you'll learn more about various earth and biological sciences in a week than a year studying in a classroom. That's because we are often able to join our private trips with actual scientific teams doing research. Unlike any other travel company, our logistical expertise gives us access to these teams. A part of your Arctic adventure could see you helping with the whale counts, glaciological research or archaeological excavations. Please download the pdf below for a complete list of potential research projects from tracking whales & polar bears with wildlife biologists to excavating ancient Thule camps.

Learning that lasts a lifetime

With the kind of experiences we can offer at Arctic Kingdom comes a vast array of opportunities that make themselves known long after you've returned to warmer climes. The very nature of our trips has a lasting effect on the families that take them. They are simply bonding experiences like no other. But for your kids, their experience can be more profound. It can jump start a greater interest in learning and education that will stand them in good stead long after the trip. And as they follow their dreams of higher learning and great schools, what better leg up to have than to be able to point back to their time spent in the Arctic as proof of their dedication to bettering themselves and their world.

Push the boundaries of what is familiar

Think of the stories your children will tell, of the learning they will experience. It is a gift that only a parent can bestow. Join us and visit the last great wilderness on the planet!
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