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Polar explorers dedicate their lives to adventure, to exploration, to testing and proving their own individual capabilities and resolve and to sharing their experiences, photos, video and life lessons with the world. From raising funds and finding sponsorship, to the work to promote awareness of their plans, mission and awareness of special causes promoted through the expedition. The work to secure sponsorship, build a following, refine and deliver the messages and stories during and after each expedition is a huge undertaking. Arctic Kingdom comes from a long history of constant and ongoing exploration and understands how much is invested in every expedition beyond just the dollars and cents but personally and professionally. We also understand the challenges of providing for the best safety and public awareness while still keeping to a budget. Polar explorers have unique needs for extended support and specialized equipment to realize their vision. Arctic Kingdom may provide logistical support and equipment in a number of ways depending upon the specific needs of the project. Projects Arctic Kingdom sponsors may receive a variety of equipment and support at reduced rates or in kind depending upon expedition needs, area of operation, shared interest of Arctic Kingdom’s suppliers and logistical partners, anticipated public reach and expedition goals.
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