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Want to dive the last frontier of diving? Want a real dive adventure? Want some underwater photographs of whales or ice that only professional photographers (with our help) have gotten before? Come join us!

We are the Arctic Dive Experts

Arctic Kingdom's first expedition over a decade ago was a dive expedition to the high arctic to obtain underwater images of walrus and bowhead whales. Since then we have gone on to scuba dive with virtually every arctic animal that one can find in the arctic waters - including polar bears! We have experience diving on all types of ice - from the floe edge, alongside a grounded iceberg, through a lead, in a crack near shore, and even through seal breathing holes. We support both open circuit and rebreather divers. We know the arctic, we know the ice, an we know the animals. Let us show you this new world that only a few have seen before.

We are the only Arctic Dive Operator

We continue to be the only dive operation in the high arctic - even being a 5 star PADI dive resort. We take diving very seriously and have the most extensive dive equipment to support our dive trips as well as film projects.

Dive Safety and Preparedness is our #1 Priority

The Arctic is remote...there is no question about that. There is no means to obtain replacement equipment once we are 'out there'. Therefore we only bring the best equipment - equipment that we use and have tested in the Arctic environment. Our dive staff are trained to the highest standards in ice diving safety operations. We have to rely on only ourselves and our equipment to ensure our and your safety...and peace of mind.

Largest Dive Equipment Inventory in the Arctic

Diving in the Arctic means 'redundancy'. We operate out of multiple locations and have cached tanks, weights, air compressors, ice tools, spare parts, and more in many arctic towns. For example, we provide a main and a back-up air compressor on all expeditions, and maintain our own portable Hyperlite decompression chamber in the region. For you rebreather divers, we supply our custom built field oxygen portable generators so we don't need to worry about running out of oxygen - we make our own in the field!. All you need to bring, is your own personal dive equipment, and we will take care of the rest.

Types of Dives you can do

There are two types of dives you can enjoy on an Arctic Kingdom Arctic dive trip: Dive with whales - narwhal, beluga, bowhead, humpbacks - even the Greenland Shark. Each dive trip indicated with the Scuba dive icon will detail which animal you can dive with. Contact us if you have a specific animal you would like to dive with. Dive around ice - be it pack ice, off the floe edge, in a crack or in a seal hole. From cathedrals halls of pack ice, pillows of shore ice rounded in gentle waves, spires of icebergs - to unknown and unidentified species found on the ocean floor through a tidal crack - you'll find yourself in a world unlike anything you've seen before. Both types of dives are spectacular and both offer their own unique worlds and enjoyment. Most trips offer both types of dives. When the whales are not present, then we will do ice dives and vice versa. You can do as many or as little dives you as you like. Typically we'll do two dives per day.
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