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Arctic Kingdom has worked with many companies providing unique tailored products ranging from company conferences and executive retreats to high-profile sponsorship opportunities to product photography and cold weather testing. Arctic Kingdom conferences and retreats bring employees out of the office and far out of their normal routines. Retreats may have multiple goals from rejuvenation to tackling specific corporate issues. Moderated workshops can focus attention and brainstorming on key business topics and the informal environment combined with the enjoyment of diverse activities over an extended period encourages thinking far outside the box. Retreats can combine activities for many different skill levels and are generally assumed and organized so people of all abilities and experiences can participate fully at their own pace. The locations and activities will be tailored to the business goals, group size, season, duration of the retreat, business location and the group’s interests.

Sample Retreat Goals

  • Strategic planning
  • Increased collaboration
  • Partner collaboration
  • Product planning
  • Focus groups
  • PR/IR relations
  • Employee reward
  • M&A employee integration
  • Customer appreciation
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