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White on White – Polar Bear Photography Tips

November 12th, 2010 | By | Filed in ACTIVITIES, Photographers, TRIPS

Polar Bears are curious, inquisitive creatures, as you can see in this video - one is taking notice of a group of Arctic Kingdom observers. YouTube Preview Image We've discussed cold weather photography before, I thought it'd be interesting to do a survey of tips from some top wildlife photographers about photographing Polar Bears. Clearly this advice is applicable to the other arctic animals you may encounter on a trip with us. From Wildlife Photography Tips.com -
When photographing the bears you will usually be photographing a white bear in the snow. This means that your camera will tend to underexpose, resulting in a gray bear. You will need to compensate for this by overexposing by 1 to 1 1/3 stops depending on the whiteness of the bear (some are a light cream)
Note - the issue of 'buggy tracks' discussed in this article won't apply when you travel with Arctic Kingdom! Wildlife photographer Greg Harvey has a list of eleven very useful tips on his website -
Bring the longest lens and the most high end camera that you can afford..... you will need a long lens and a camera that can withstand cold up to -50. I was using a 600mm with a 1.4 teleconverter and a full frame camera body. We were out on the tundra 100 meters away from the bears. At that distance several people were using 800 mm lenses.
If some of this technical jargon leaves you shaking your head in frustration, don't abandon hope! There are a number of very helpful tutorials online which discuss how to get the best photos of your camera, using manual settings, describing how aperture (f stop) on lenses works, and of course, never underestimate the importance of actually reading your camera's 'how to use' manual. Good luck! We're always happy to share photography from our adventurers on here, contact us if you've been on a trip and want to share your favorite images. A few more photography links well worth investigating - Digital Photography School Photofocus - A terrific site covering gear, technology, with plenty of advice for improving your photography. mansurovs.com - Another great round up of advice for beginners in digital photography.

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