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Best of the Canadian Arctic - a free webinar series for adventure travellers
Attend all or just one. Each of the free webinars has two viewing dates. Please select the one that is most convenient for you. We will send you reminders shortly before the event. There will be an opportunity to ask questions at the end of every webinar.
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Arctic Kingdom offers the greatest variety of land-based polar bear trips on the planet. There is one for every season. Each trip provides extraordinary opportunities to photograph the great white bears of the North in their natural environment. Some include sea-kayaking along the floe edge. The photos we show you are authentic and taken by amateurs and professionals alike. Your host will relate experiences gained in the field.
During the long days of light during an Arctic summer, whales can be seen  breaching and feeding in fiords and along the floe edge.  We take you  to the summer feeding grounds of the narwhal; where bowhead whales - the longest lived mammal on Earth - breach; and where the comical beluga dip and dive. We'll show you photos of real whale-watching moments taken while on one of our expeditions.
Above 60N, beginning with the Spring Equinox, hours of daylight steadily increase. By June 21, the sun is shining 24 hours a day. As the summer passes, days grow shorter, winding down to Autumn and eventually the long dark nights of winter. In the Arctic, Nature takes advantage of the Midnight Sun. Flowers erupt from the tundra, painting it in bright hues. Birds breed in massive colonies. Whales feed on the plankton and fishes that abound. Polar bears roam the landscape teaching cubs to hunt and increasing their fat reserves for the long months of winter. During this webinar we show you how light and life are abundant under the Midnight Sun.
Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon best seen when the nights are long and dark. The natural migration of Arctic caribou herds coincides with those shortening days and lengthening nights. The Northern landscape is set ablaze with turning leaves. Our base camp is a remote lodge on Ennadai Lake. You'll learn to take photos of one of Nature's eeriest displays - the dancing lights of the Aurora Borealis.This webinar introduces you to the landscape, the wildlife and, of course, the shimmering lights of the northern sky.
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