Polar Bear Mother and Newborn Cubs Photo Safari | Trip Notes

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Polar Bear Mother and Newborn Cubs Photo Safari

Polar Bear Mother and Newborn Cubs Photo Safari Trip Notes

The intent of our Polar Bear Mother and Newborn Cubs Photo Safari is to offer you the opportunity to capture the magical sight of newborn polar bear cubs emerging from their dens for the very first time. You'll have a chance to witness heartwarming moments between mother polar bear and cubs and humorous ones as you watch the cubs peek their heads out of the snow, frolic with each other, and stumble along in the snow as they begin to explore their new world. While sightings are not guaranteed due to the unpredictable nature of wildlife and weather, this is the most reliable place in the world to see newborn polar bear cubs, so our chance of seeing the bears is very good. The Arctic has many variables that can influence any travel plans. Being relaxed, patient, and flexible are important attitudes to have in the Arctic. It should be expected that even the best laid plans sometimes need to change. Whatever is planned will likely be changed for any one of a variety of reasons, therefore, itineraries are for general reference only. The weather and snow invariably play a role in every Arctic adventure. Flexibility and adaptability, along with a sense of adventure are key.

Getting There

Travel arrangements between one’s point of origin and Winnipeg is the responsibility of the traveller. It is strongly recommended that participants travelling on reduced fare airline tickets not try to continue their journey home on the same day as they return to Winnipeg; any deviation from the ticketed itinerary will result in a penalty regardless of the cause. Do not plan on having any important meetings or events the day after your trip end date as we recommend planning on ‘buffer time’ to account for any possible delays in getting home from the Arctic.


Weather in March can be variable. Expect to experience cold temperatures ranging from -40°C to -20°C.

Daylight Hours

You can expect approximately 11 hours of full daylight at this time of year.

Polar Clothing Package

A recommended clothing packing list upon enrollment confirmation will be provided. We recommend that anyone travelling to the Arctic dresses in layers. Of particular importance is the insulating outer layer. Regular ski jackets and pants are not suitable for the changing Arctic climate. With over a decade of experience in all types of Arctic weather, we have seen what works and what doesn’t. Arctic Kingdom has assembled a top-of-the-line clothing package that will enhance your Arctic experience and allow you to enjoy your Arctic expedition in comfort no matter what Mother Nature brings. All of our staff have depended on the same clothing package for years of Arctic adventures, so you can rest assured knowing you are getting the best options available. We realize that good quality, Arctic-worthy equipment is expensive to purchase all at once and may not be necessary for a one-time Arctic adventure. Arctic Kingdom has an Arctic Polar Clothing Rental Package that will ensure you are comfortable, warm, and dry for your Arctic expedition.

Bountiful Buffets

Expect hearty breakfasts, delicious packed lunches, plenty of snacks, and gourmet dinners with a chance to sample traditional foods such as caribou, ptarmigan and bannock.


Power provided at the lodge is 120VAC/60Hz using North American standard plug outlets. It is recommended that you bring your own plug adaptors to suit your electrical devices. If your electrical devices require 220volt power, most cameras, laptops already have a power inverter/AC Adaptor that converts the power to the necessary level for your equipment on your power cord and there will be no further inverters/adaptors needed. To check, look at the adaptor (usually the square/rectangular shaped box attached to your power cord) and examine the “input” information. It will usually have an annotation similar to “INPUT” 100 – 240V.

Responsible Tourism

Tourism and film production can be a real boon to local Arctic communities, providing income, positive cultural exchanges, and a financial incentive to protect their natural environment. Ours is a ‘total approach’ to responsible tourism. Everything, from the way we plan and operate our trips to the practices of Arctic Kingdom as a company, is geared toward making a positive impact on the regions we visit. Arctic Kingdom trips are designed to allow a high degree of economic benefit to the local communities; we hire local guides and local drivers, buy local produce (whenever possible), eat local food, and use local services, thus ensuring that as much money as possible is retained within the local economy and the host communities. We are continually reassessing our trips, trying at all times to ensure that they are socially, economically, and environmentally sound.

Is This Arctic Adventure For You?

Our Polar Bear Mother and Newborn Cubs Photo Safari is suitable for all ages, including families with children. This is not a strenuous adventure, however, one must be prepared for very cold temperatures and unpredictable weather. You should be somewhat active and be able to walk unassisted.

Spirit of Adventure Required

Arctic Kingdom expeditions are not intended to have as many check-marks or sights to be seen crossed off in a short period of time. The ‘way of the north’ or of the Inuit people is to take things as they come, to relax and enjoy the moment, be it a sunny or foggy day, to appreciate where you are in the moment, and fall into the laidback lifestyle of the Arctic people.

It is assumed that participants have the spirit within themselves to enjoy the unique solitude of the Arctic and the free time provided. If this outlook is not with you, it is suggested that participation would be a mistake and we can assist in finding an alternative Arctic trip such as a polar cruise which offers a more structured itinerary and offers a more ‘observer’ role versus actively participating in an adventure of discovery. Of course, good health is fundamental to travel into any remote region, yet despite this, all participants will be required to obtain emergency medical and evacuation travel insurance. With a flexible attitude as an equally important prerequisite, age should not be considered a deterrent.

Level of Difficulty

Arctic Kingdom’s expeditions are somewhat active but not too strenuous. One can choose to do as little or as much as he/she would like throughout the adventure.

What to Expect

This Arctic photo safari is designed around viewing and photographing polar bears along with a variety of other Arctic wildlife we may encounter. There may be an opportunity to see polar bear mothers and cubs as they emerge from their den, however, there may also be days when polar bears may not be spotted. During these times, you can enjoy hikes out on the frozen tundra in search of other Arctic wildlife. Our treks also provide an excellent opportunity to photograph the stunning landscapes and impressive natural setting.



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10 Days / 9 Nights
2017 Dates
March 13 - 22 SOLD OUT
2017 Price
USD $8,890 + $1,168.70 (taxes) per person
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2017 Air Package
Return flights from Winnipeg (YWG) to Churchill (YYQ) USD $1,180.00 + $59.00 (taxes) As there are a limited number of seats available that conveniently connect with our trip departure dates, we encourage you to book and pay for this flight package at the same time as you book your trip.
Group Size
Our group is 9 persons (Lodge capacity is 20)
Near Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
All prices quoted in USD. Please note: Professional photographers and filmmakers who plan on using photos or videos for a commercial nature will be required to complete a Parks Canada Film Application form and pay an additional fee of approximately $100.00 CAD. (Amount subject to change.)
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