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Kings of the Arctic - Polar Bears, Whales, Walrus

Join Arctic Kingdom Expedition Leader, Thomas Lennartz, on a Virtual Expedition to the Arctic Ocean!

The bowhead highway - one highway you won't mind being stuck on - is one of the best locations in the Arctic to view bowhead whales as they wait for the floe edge near Igloolik (Hall Beach) to break up. Imagine seeing the largest whales of the Arctic Ocean, breaching, spyhopping, and finning (waving their fins while on their side) just metres away. Add in a pod of walrus on floating ice pans, all literally within arm's reach, in a land steeped in Inuit history and culture, and you have a perfect Arctic experience.

In This Webinar:

  • Discover the beauty of the Foxe Basin region on the Melville Peninsula
  • Learn why and how this region is you can enjoy on this adventure, from daily boat excursions to photographic opportunities along with hiking and kayaking in the Arctic Ocean.



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