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Kings of the Arctic - Polar Bears, Whales, Walrus

Kings of the Arctic - Polar Bears, Whales, Walrus Overview

Journey onto and beyond the ice floe edge to witness the majestic "Kings of the Arctic" - polar bears, whales, and walrus - as they reign over a spectacular kingdom of sea and ice.

This is a journey of amazing panoramas and Arctic wildlife in the waters of the Foxe Basin. One of the richest areas in the Arctic, the Foxe Basin has attracted the Inuit for more than four thousand years. Here, among the captivating scenes of glistening ice and mirror-smooth waters, we will venture out to the floe edge via snowmobiles and qamutiks, then board local boats to immerse ourselves in the kingdom of polar bears, bowhead whales, and walrus.


  • Encounter the "Kings of the Arctic" - polar bears, bowhead whales, and walrus - in Foxe Basin, one of the richest and most captivating polar environments.
  • Watch northward migrating bowhead whales spy-hop playfully, fin sideways and slap their immense fluke on the mirror smooth water amongst floating ice pancakes.
  • Be amazed by enormous walruses, often bigger than a car, as you observe large pods of sunning themselves on floating ice islands.
  • Enjoy looking out for polar bears who may be out hunting for seals on the floating pans of ice or swimming in the water.
  • Capture stunning photographs of Arctic wildlife, including large walrus pods with mothers and babies, in the soft glow of the midnight sun.
  • Listen for the chirps and whistles of whale song while underwater or through a hydrophone on the surface.
  • Experience the diversity of the high Arctic, from Inuit culture and ancient Thule settlements to spectacular wide-open landscapes and native wildlife.
  • Experience the magical Arctic spring - from frozen tundra to melting rivers and blossoming Arctic flowers.
These "Kings of the Arctic" reign over a spectacular polar environment, brimming with electric blue pack-ice formations. Crystalline icebergs dot the tranquil waters that reflect the magical glow of a midnight sun. Whether sitting quietly on the floe edge waiting for a passing bowhead whale or having lunch on the floating pack ice amongt the walrus, we become familiar with the effect of ice movements as we travel over, between, and past almost every kind of ice. As we watch for Arctic wildlife roaming the tundra, we'll witness countless unforgettable scenes. Be awed by bowhead whales - the largest Arctic whale - as they swim past our boat. Revel at the sight of hundreds of walrus basking in the sun, or gaze into the eyes of a polar bear on nearby ice pack. Your appreciation and wonder for Arctic wildlife will grow exponentially. Watching these "Kings of the Arctic" under the midnight sun is exquisite. Dusk moves directly into dawn, with each sunset followed by an immediate sunrise, creating a dramatic play of light and shadow across the ice and the open sea. The long twilights are a photographer's delight.



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Trip Length
7 Days / 6 Nights
2017 Dates
July 19 – 25
July 26 – Aug 1
2017 Price
USD $7,495 + USD 374.75 (taxes) from Igloolik/Hall Beach, based on double occupancy
2017 SGL Supplement
x 1.8 Request to share when booking. You will not pay the single supplement.
2017 Air Package
Return flights from Ottawa (YOW) to Igloolik/Hall Beach (YGT) USD $2,765 + $345.95 (taxes). As there are a limited number of seats available that conveniently connect with our trip departure dates, we encourage you to book and pay for this flight package at the same time as you book your trip. Prices in USD.
Group Size
Hecla and Fury Strait - High Arctic. Gateway community is Igloolik
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2017 Terms and Conditions
Join Arctic Kingdom expedition director Thomas Lennartz for a virtual tour of this new polar bear and majestic northern lights viewing location set to depart in March/April.
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