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Designed for upscale adventurers in search of a transformational travel experience our Arctic itineraries immerse the traveller in the spirit of the Arctic and allow them to participate in something meaningful, authentic and real.

Whether you’re planning your first and possibly only Arctic trip and want it to be the ultimate, or you’re planning another visit and you know you want more – we have the itineraries that ensure you will experience the real Arctic.

A private trip is any trip that is not open to the general public, it therefore has a flexible departure date.

There are three types of private trips:

  1. 1. Block Trips: a block trip is a private trip based on any of our scheduled itineraries, the easiest way to block a trip is to simply take over an existing departure date for your group.
  2. 2. Private Adventures: these are set itineraries that have been pre-planned and run before. Starting prices are based on a minimum private group size of 4-8. While the core architecture of these trips is fixed, tweaking and customizing them can easily be accomplished – see below for a list of Private Adventures that include: dog-sledding, skiing, hot air ballooning, a helicopter flight to see Polar Bear dens and cubs, catching arctic char, snorkelling with whales, or building (and sleeping in) an igloo above the Arctic circle.
  3. 3. Private Family Trips: this concept is simple; take one of our trips (scheduled or private) and let us weave-in enriching opportunities for kids, teenagers and adults. There is nowhere like the Arctic, where elders are revered and respected, to bridge a generation gap and create lifelong memories.

Below are some “thought starters” to fuel the imagination as to what is possible. Contact us anytime to see what we can do for you, your family or group.

Private Safaris