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Polar Clothing Rental


Polar-Clothing-Package-RentalStay warm and safe with Arctic Kingdom’s Polar Clothing Package. Temperatures in polar regions can vary widely. Winter can be bitterly cold. Even as temperatures flirt just below the freezing mark, strong winds, whether natural or from riding behind a snowmobile, can make temperatures feel much colder. The actual temperature range is determined by location, season, current weather conditions, and wind chill factor; however, the basics of dressing for cold weather are the same regardless of temperature.

We recommend dressing in layers as people who naturally generate body heat may wear fewer layers than those who tend to get chilly. If the temperature is warm during the day or the level of physical exertion increases, layers can be removed to adjust accordingly. However, if temperatures drop, wind increases or activity is at a minimum, then additional layers can be added.

There are three essential layers:
1) Base Layer
2) Insulating Layer
3) Outer Layer

Base layers and insulating layers can be used in almost any type of weather or winter climate. The outer layer will be determined by the type of weather you expect on your Arctic or Antarctic expedition.

Our Polar Clothing Rental Packages include top of the line brands, including Canada Goose, Outdoor Research, Baffin, etc., that have been personally tried and tested in the extreme climates of the Canadian Arctic. The Canada Goose Expedition Parka is your first line of defense against cold or unpredictable weather. It is an insulated parka with a durable, water repellent, Arctic-Tech shell. Paired with your choice of either Canada Goose insulated winter pants or Outdoor Research waterproof shell pants and winter boots rated to -100°C, you are ready to face the elements. To protect your head and hands, you will be provided with a windproof hat, neck warmer, liner gloves, windproof gloves, and insulated, waterproof over mitts – all top quality Outdoor Research products. Upgrade to the Canada Goose Snow Mantra Parka, which has all the same qualities as the Expedition, with even more protection.

Whether you’re up in the Arctic or down in Antarctica for either work or play, keep the cold at bay with our Polar Clothing Packages. To learn more about our packages, please click here. To enquire about rental options, please contact us at gearatarctickingdomdotcom. To complete your polar clothing rental, please fill out the following Clothing Rental Agreement.


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