FOR RENT: Hyperlite hyperbaric stretcher and treatment system

FOR RENT: Hyperlite hyperbaric stretcher and treatment system
The SOS Hyperlite Emergency Evacuation Hyperbaric Stretcher
The unit provides 10% oxygen on demand through a built-in breathing system mask. The stretcher is fill with air at above ambient pressure. Start treatment at the incident sight.
Made from fire retardant materials with low fire, smoke and toxicity properties. It is non-magnetic and is unaffected by UV radiation.
  • Light - 55KG, 120lbs
  • Folds
  • Two-way communication system for patient comfort
  • Small - passing through the open door of most traditional type therapy chambers
Rental Rates in Canadian dollars
  1. Daily - .$450
  2. Weekly - $2,350
  3. Monthly - $8,750
  4. Quarterly - $14,450
  5. Annually - $21,000
A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve the unit.
Not included:
  • Shipping
  • A licensed Hyperlite operator is required to control the hyperbaric stretcher.
    • Proof of license may be required.
  • Proof of liability and damage and loss insurance is required before the unit is released.
  • Rental renewals must be in the same increment as the original rental agreement.
    • For example: an initial  monthly rental will be renewed on a monthly rental.
Push the button and we'll have our Hyperlite rental specialist call you.
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