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Polar Bear Cubs

Polar Bear Cubs – what you need to know

Polar bear cubs remain with their mothers for up to two and a half years. Prior to leaving the dens where they are born they nurse six times a day. The cubs continue to nurse for 18 months. Some have been known to nurse for as long as they are with their mothers.

Before the birth of polar bear cubs

Polar bear at sunsetPolar bear cubs spend eight months in their mother’s womb before birth. But only the final four months of that time are the embryos developing into polar bear cubs. Polar bear gestation includes a period of delayed implantation. One of the many fascinating adaptations of the great white bear of the North.

They are a few months old when first seen

Mother polar bears take to their dens to protect newborn cubs from winter temperatures. Cubs emerge from the den between March and April. They are already between three and five months old when we see them for the first time.

They are small at birth

Polar bear cubs are born with their eyes closed, weighing between 454 and 680 grams (16 to 224 oz.). They are about 30cm (12 inches) long. Although they look hairless at birth, they actually have very fine fur.



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