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How to choose a Polar Bear Adventure

How to Choose a Polar Bear Adventure - 5 tips

Tip 1: Polar Bears, Whales and Walruses

Narwhal under the midnight sunAre you the type of traveller who isn't satisfied with seeing one species unique to a destination. Do you want more bang for your travel buck? We have polar bear trips that include whale-watching and the opportunity to snorkel with walrus. You can have it all! Three bang-for-your-buck trips to the Arctic:

Tip 2: Limited Vacation Time

If you are short on vacation time, don't despair. Weekend Getaways to the Arctic are possible. Side trips to areas where polar bear sightings are possible can be arranged. From Ottawa, Canada to the Arctic territorial capital of Nunavut, Iqaluit is a three-hour direct flight. You can be in the Arctic by lunch time on Friday from anywhere in the Boston-Washington corridor. And you can be back in your home office by Sunday night. Check the Arctic off your bucket list!

Tip 3: The Family Summer Holiday

We admit it. There was a time when the Arctic wasn't a great destination for a family summer holiday. But that was so 18th Century ago. With direct flights, comfortable tents, long days of sunlight and the expertise of Arctic Kingdom, the Arctic is the perfect destination for a family vacation. Your kids can practice snorkelling or kayaking? Together you will learn about an innovative ancient culture. There will be plenty of fun as you whale-watch, hike or pick berries for lunch. Let us help you make the Canadian Arctic your family summer holiday destination this year.

Tip 4: Newborn polar bear cubs

Perhaps the rarest polar bear expedition occurs in March every year: That is our Polar Bear Mother and Newborn Cubs wildlife safari. It is a bit of misnomer when you look at the life cycle of a polar bear. Polar bear cubs are born between November and December. But...when they emerge from the birthing dens in March that is the first time travellers are able to see them in the wild.

Tip 5: T-shirts and Polar Bears

Narwhal watching in a t-shirtYes, you can see polar bears in the wild while in your t-shirt. During the long days of sunlight of an Arctic summer, temperatures can rise enough to make you remove some layers. It is quite possible to spend an afternoon of wildlife watching in your t-shirt. The bikinis? Under a drysuit is our recommendation.



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