Arcticles Online: September 2009
Arcticles Online: September 2009 All the latest news from Arctic Kingdom Expeditions!

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2010 Expedition trip update– Limited Spots left
End of Summer Canada Goose Blowout
Thomas Behrend – wildlife filmmaker getting the awards!
Congratulations Bryan Simonee – now a Dive Master!
Airboats, Shipwrecks, Ice Diving, Great Lakes...
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2010 Expedition trip update– Limited Spots left

In our last newsletter, we announced two new expeditions – the Narwhal and Polar Bear Floe Edge Adventure and the Dogsledding North Baffin Island Adventure. We're very pleased with the response these trips have received to date! The economy really must be heating up again! Both of these trips have been booking quickly and are already half filled for most dates. The Dogsledding North Baffin Island has 4 spots remaining for the May 16 departure. If you are considering an Arctic trip for 2010, please contact us soon to secure your spot.
Trips details →

End of Summer Canada Goose Blowout

Starting now until supplies run out! It's time to gear up for winter and what better way to do it than with a brand new or lightly used Canada Goose Expedition Parka. While most people are just starting to shop for their winter gear, we are putting ours away for the season, which brings about our annual Canada Goose Sale! Every year, we purchase brand new Canada Goose Expedition Parkas for our adventurers to wear on our arctic expeditions. They are worn for approximately four weeks, drycleaned, and are now ready to sell, good as new. This allows you to get in on some very good deals. As anyone will tell you, Canada Goose products are in high demand, are widely regarded as the winter parka of choice whether you are cruising in Antarctica or snowmobiling in the Rocky Mountains. In addition to our gently used parkas, we also have a few other new Canada Goose products for sale this year, including the incredibly warm Snow Mantra Parka, '3 in 1' Nomad Storm Jacket, plus other models. Check out what we have in stock →

Thomas Behrend – wildlife filmmaker getting the awards!

From Svalbard, across Nunavut and over to Alaska, Arctic Kingdom was 'behind the scenes' with our good friend Thomas Behrend criss-crossing the arctic hemisphere in his quest to film the arctic wildlife. Since then, his films have shown in numerous film festivals and shows around the world and won over 9 awards including, Best German Wildlife film (2008), and Top wildlife film of the Singapore International Film Festival (2007). At the moment, you can find his film Eisbären Können Nicht Weinen (Polar Bears don't Cry) screening at Germany's Green Screen Festival where he just won the prestigious Heinz Sielman Film Award this past weekend. We wish our friend Thomas all the best in continuing to 'bring home the awards'! Based on some of the location work we did with Thomas, we were able to see some new areas of the Arctic and discover some amazing new summer polar bear viewing locations – most notably around Coats and Somerset Islands.

Congratulations Bryan Simonee – now a Dive Master!

Congratulations to Bryan Simonee for attaining his PADI Dive Master certification this past summer! Bryan has been one of our local Inuit guides over the last three years out of Pond Inlet. Having worked with us on some high profile film projects throughout the Arctic, as well as on our Narwhal and Polar Bear Floe Edge Adventure, Bryan took an early interest in assisting with dive activities and wanted to take it to the 'next level'. This past February and March, Bryan spent almost two months with us in southern Ontario on a fasttrack dive program and went from barely being able to swim, all the way to diving confidently over 30 meters deep on a rebreather. It was with great pride that he completed his requisite number of dives to attain his PADI Dive Master certification while at the floe edge of Pond Inlet this year. He is now qualified to help with future Arctic Kingdom dive expeditions and for us..and on personal note, to dive for clams!  We are looking forward to training more local guides to discovering the world below. We do have on going training programs, not only for diving, but for Arctic Safety and more.  
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Airboats, Shipwrecks, Ice Diving, Great Lakes…

…are not related to arctic wildlife, but are another combination of elements, that put together, make for a fun adventure and another interesting Arctic Kingdom trip!  

The Great Lakes are well known as a Mecca for well preserved fresh water shipwrecks numbering in the thousands. Being from Ontario, we dive on these wrecks in the summer time, but as the winter approaches, and the ice begins to form on the lakes, the shipwrecks became inaccessible…until we came along! Boats can't maneuver on ice, and snowmobiles don't work well on open water…enter our 24' state-of-the-art airboat. Brought down from Pond Inlet, where it was used to access the floe edge during the ice breakup month of July, the airboat is a flat bottomed ice strengthened boat that can travel over ice, and through water powered with an airplane engine. February is also where the water visibility is also at its best and can be over 40 meters.  So, take amazing shipwrecks, crystalline visibility, and the only ones who can access the wrecks at the best time of year, and we have a new Arctic Kingdom 1 week dive adventure for February and early March. 

Want to see trip details and the airboat in action? Watch this video clip seen on Discovery Channel's Daily Planet.

Come see us on Flickr!

With over 25,000 images in our photo banks and growing every season, we needed another way of updating and sharing them with you. It will always be a work in progress,  we're in the midst of uploading and tagging images from our collection onto Flickr. Though some of these images can also be found in our gallery and throughout the AK website, the Flickr page gives us the opportunity to upload more photos from recent trips and the archives, add more informal 'behind the scenes' photos, tag photos with geographical information, and connect with other Arctic enthusiasts from around the world.  If you'd like to get a real feel for being in the arctic or what you can see on one of our trips, visit our photostream page to check out our latest uploads. Are you on Flickr? Let us know - add us as a contact!

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