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Arctic Kingdom's exciting array of Arctic Safaris for 2013

From the quintessential Arctic Safari in luxury camps on sea ice we have pioneered to see the breathtaking polar bears and the mystical narwhal at the floe edge or to a quick Arctic Getaway to experience a 'Taste of the Arctic', Arctic Kingdom offers an ideal Arctic safari experience for everyone in 2013. All journeys put you in the heart of the wildlife action and include stays in tented camps, or rustic lodges that deliver the true ambience of the Arctic.

Here are five inspiring itineraries to choose from in 2013

Narwhal and Polar Bear Safari

8 days | from $9,700

Set amongst the stunning mountains of north Baffin Island at the mouth of the Northwest Passage, the narwhals, polar bears, glaciers, frozen in icebergs, and a safari camp on ice make this an unparalleled adventure.
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Polar Bears and Northern Lights of the Torngat Mountains

7 days | from $19,495

Experience northern lights and polar bears via helicopter and on the ground based in a lodge at the foot of the stunning and exotic Torngat Mountains National Park.
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New! Arctic Reflections: Adventures in Yoga, Your Life and Wildlife

7 days | from $7,895

A yoga first for the Arctic! Immerse yourself in this natural Arctic escape and discover the pristine glaciers, polar bears, islands and fjiords of Baffin Island, its beauty and your own.
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New! Svalbard Polar Bear Sailboat Safari

9 days | from $9,900

Legendary Svalbard. Land of polar bears and ice...and it is all yours and only yours to explore on this virtual private 6 person sailboat based safari. Join us on our inaugural voyage, or charter the boat for your group.
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New! Taste of the Arctic Spring

4 days | from $2,345

Get a taste of the Arctic way of life in Iqaluit - go dog sledding, build an Igloo or try snowmobiling and view the majestic northern lights only a 3 hour flight from Ottawa.
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