Arcticles Online: August 2010
Arcticles Online: August 2010 All the latest news from Arctic Kingdom Expeditions!

"Every year we see more and more polar bears in and around Arviat. Last year alone we saw over 300 bears come past the cabins."
Ryan S. - Arviat Inuit guide

Dear Polar Bear and Northern Lights Enthusiasts

Move over Churchill. Make room for Arviat!

Do you want to be the first to visit Arviat, soon to be known as the 'new' Churchill? Do you want to see and photograph Polar Bears at ground level? How about nose-to-nose? Eye to eye? Join our October/November 2010 trip.

Very few people have heard of Arviat - a very 'small' community with a 'big' problem…Polar Bears and lots of them! We'd like to put you right in the middle of them.

As the quote above from Ryan, our lead Arviat Inuit guide suggests, the Inuit people of Arviat have been seeing polar bears in concentrations never before seen. This phenomenon is occurring because bears are moving northwards towards Arviat where the sea ice freezes earlier in the season.

For Real Travelers - In partnership with our local Inuit friends, Arctic Kingdom has designed an exclusive itinerary where we fly 40 minutes north of Churchill in a private aircraft providing you access to countless bears from the comfort of our Polar Bear Cabins. With room for only 8 people at a time, the intimate, rugged yet cozy cabin complex consists of one large dining/kitchen/lounge cabin with two sleeping cabins - each accommodating 4 people.

The rustic cabins are Polar Bear 'proofed', allowing you to see bears in their natural habitat without leaving the cabins. Or, if you'd like to safely expand your comfort zone, our highly experienced Arviat Inuit guides, who have come to know, read and understand Polar Bear behavior, will take you on nature treks from the cabins to get you even closer. Close enough for that elusive eye level photo.

Northern Lights  - We almost forgot to mention Mother Nature's lightshow - The Northern Lights. Without any light pollution, (the nearest community is over 100km away), we are able to witness the shimmering Northern Lights in their purest form. Why settle for 'five stars' when you can have thousands?

Space is extremely limited. Book now to ensure a spot for Oct/Nov 2010!
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See you in Arviat,

Thomas Lennartz, Expedition Director

Narwhal and Polar Bear Floe Edge Adventure
Experience the pure essence of the exotic Arctic. Narwhals, polar bears, glaciers and icebergs make this an unparalleled adventure.

Dates: April – June 2011
Prices from: $9,700

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Polar Bears and Northern Lights of the Torngat Mountains
A world class adventure in one of Canada's most beautiful and remote areas. Experience Northern Lights and polar bears on the ground with snowmobiles and in the air via helicopter. Do it in high class style and luxury in Arctic Kingdom's newest upscale Arctic Igloo Dome camps – complete with full king size beds, linens and a dining lounge with ethanol fireplace.

Dates: Mar – April 2011
Price from: $25,000

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Bowhead Whales, Walrus and Polar Bears of Foxe Basin
A journey of awe-inspiring and unforgettable panoramas. Ice islands draped with walrus, bowhead whales, polar bears and all night sunsets.

Dates: July 2011
Prices from: $9,200

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Summer Polar Bears and Walrus of Coats Island
Remote and exotic, intoxicating Coats Island is a wildlife haven for polar bears, walrus, myriads of birds witnessed by only an elite few. This boat based adventure will get immerse you in the world of the summer Arctic, a trip that will leave lasting, maybe life changing memories.

Dates: July – Aug 2011
Prices from: $9,100

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