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The 2012 Arctic Safari Guide is now available for download!

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Covering safari's to see Narwhal, Beluga, Walrus, Bowhead to newborn polar bears, our 2012 Arctic Safari guide encompasses almost every region of the Arctic between March and November. From professional photographers to families, there's a safari in the Arctic for everyone!

It really was a labour of love to select the images that best describe how incredible each one of our wildlife safari's are. Each image tells a wonderful story of an experience that one won't find anywhere else in the world. The cover image of the Narwhal tusk was taken by Michelle Valberg of Ottawa on this years "Great Migrations of the Northwest Passage" trip to Arctic Bay.

The story behind the cover Narwhal photo:

Michelle had never been in a drysuit before, let alone in Arctic waters but after taking this picture (used in the header above), she decided to try her hand at snorkeling with the narwhal as well. I asked Michelle to describe what it was like to take the photo we selected for the cover.

Michelle began: "Being able to watch the behavior of the narwhal raise their tusks out of the water only meters away like the one in this photo was exhilarating". She continued on, "Swimming with the Narwhal was one of the most amazing experiences in my life. Having the narwhal swim underneath me, turn upside down and look me in the eye really was an intimate connection and an out of this world experience."

An experience like this is what we fiercely strive to deliver for everyone, on each one of our Arctic safari's. Bringing you to the best locations, at the best time of year, with the highest likelihood of seeing the amazing wildlife of the Arctic is our mission to you.

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On behalf of everyone here at Arctic Kingdom, I invite you to download the catalogue (or ask us to mail you a copy) and decide where to come with us in 2012!

Enjoy the 2012 Arctic Safari Guide,

Thomas Lennartz
Expedition Director

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