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New for 2012
Polar Bear Mother and Newborn Cubs Photography Safari

Join us March 14-22 2012 for an extremely rare opportunity to photograph mother polar bears with newborn cubs near Wapusk National Park just outside of Churchill, Manitoba.

Long a well-kept secret of professional photographers and film-makers, this polar bear denning site – one of the world's largest – offers almost virtually guaranteed sightings of polar bear cubs and their mothers. On this lodge based expedition, Arctic Kingdom will bring only six guests to witness what only a select few hundred have ever seen: mother bears with newborn cubs emerging from their dens.

With a rare operating permit from Parks Canada, lodge guides will bring visitors as close as 100 metres from the bears, offering a rare glimpse into the lives of these ice giants, providing insight into the bear's dens, habits and life cycle.

Other wildlife viewing opportunities include ptarmigan, arctic foxes, caribou herds and wolves in addition to night time viewing of aurora boreal.

Life Defining Moments

  • Be one of only a few hundred in the world to see newborn polar bear cubs emerge from their den
  • Shimmering and awe inspiring northern lights
  • Unique tracked heated vehicles offer unprecedented and comfortable access to polar bear denning habitats


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