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Fiercely dedicated to creating authentic and awe-inspiring travel experiences, Arctic Kingdom is the only tour operator offering land-based trips to the High Arctic. Through our unique combination of small groups, safari style arctic camps, expedition experts and only the most experienced Inuit guides, we ensure that your experience in the world's most captivating place on earth is second to none. 

This Spring we have a special offer of a free flight to Nunavut (a savings of up to CDN 2,600) making this no better time to book one of our summer departures! Join us at Pond Inlet, Nunavut for our Narwhal & Polar Bear Floe Edge Adventure June 7 - 11. Experience our safari style camp situated on the floe edge, where the frozen ocean meets the open ocean to create one of the Arctics most spectacular landscapes. Enjoy the warm Spring weather as you scout for Narwhals, Polar Bears, Bowhead Whales and Seals. 

July 5 - 11 we travel to Foxe Basin to witness the spring Bowhead Whale migration, hunted nearly to extinction but slowly making a comeback. Join us to explore this region just south of the Hecla and Fury Straits to experience the 'bowhead highway'.

Contact one of our Expedition Experts today to discover the real arctic for real travelers.

Free as a Bird!

We are very excited to be able to offer FREE airfare from Ottawa to Pond Inlet or Iglooik, a savings of almost USD 2,500. Take advantage and join your choice of the following departures

Narwhal & Flow Edge Polar Bear Adventure
(May 31-June 7/11 OR June 7 - June 14/11)

Bowhead Whale, Walrus & Polar Bears of the Foxe Basin
(July 5 - 11/2011)

Offer expires April 30/2011

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