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Narwhal and Polar Bear Floe Edge Dive Adventure - May 24 - 31, 2011
Ice Dive Canada's Great Lakes Shipwrecks - Jan/Feb 2011
Diving on an iceberg in an overhead environment - a surreal world first!
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Special Offer! Free Canada Goose™ Winter Parka
Ice Dive Training in the Great Lakes - by Airboat!
Group / Private Booking Program

Greetings from Arctic Kingdom Polar Expeditions!

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer, and the 2010 arctic dive season is now behind us. We had some great dives this year in the Arctic with one of my all time favorite dives being against this twin peaked iceberg pictured here. (Read more on this amazing dive down below).

We are in the middle of planning and preparing 2011 and 2012 arctic dive and wildlife trips. In so doing, we work closely with the local communities and the Inuit people. I just got off the phone with one of our senior guides, Jake and his wife Sipporah in Pond Inlet and he tells me it's -5°C and the bay outside his window is freezing over - quite different from the balmy June days of 24 hour sunshine that we had at the floe edge while watching whales in a t-shirt and getting ready for another surreal dive!

We have many exciting news items to share - from announcing our new dates for our 2011 Dive trips, to a live webinar I'll be hosting in November on "Arctic floe edge diving" as well as a special booking offer if you book a trip with us before Thanksgiving. If you have any questions or would like to know more about our dive adventures, ready to book a trip (spots are booking quickly), feel free to contact me anytime!

Happy diving,

Thomas Lennartz
Expedition Director
+1-416-322-7066 x114
[email protected]

Narwhal and Polar Bear Floe Edge Dive Adventure
May 24 - 31, 2011

Imagine yourself under the vast and silent skies of the high Arctic with the warm glow of the evening 24 hour sun bathing passing icebergs in a warm glow as narwhal whales pass by your safari style ice camp almost within arms reach…now don the dive gear and enter a world even more unlike anything you can have ever imagined...and prepare to have the dive experience of a lifetime.

Icebergs, drifting pack ice, seal holes, ice floe cracks, Arctic sea floor... the variety and sheer scale of dive opportunities will never cease to amaze. From amazing ice formations, to the wildlife that you can encounter above and below water will leave you with the feeling that that days dives were the best of your life, but only doing an even better dive the next day.

Arctic Kingdom has been leading scuba diving trips throughout the Arctic since 1999 - and remains the ONLY dive operator in the Arctic being a 5 star TDI and PADI facility. The Narwhal and Polar Bear Dive Adventure is one of our favourite dive locations due to it's variety of dives, along with the variety of wildlife we can encounter - from narwhal to diving black billed murres, to the occasional polar bear!

There is one dive departure with a total group size of 8 persons departing May 24, 2011. For complete details on the Narwhal and Polar Bear Floe Edge Dive Adventure click here.

Ice Dive Canada's Great Lakes Shipwrecks - Jan/Feb 2011

Want a unique ice dive adventure closer to home? Come explore the Great Lakes navel history, from shipwrecks to lost villages beneath the ice when water visibility is at it's best during January and February 2011 via an airboat - a boat that can travel over ice and water.

The 1000 Islands is without question the world's best fresh water ship wreck diving site, and Arctic Kingdom is proud to offer a world-premiere opportunity to access the region via airboat. From picturesque islands, clear water, to literally hundreds of shipwrecks to choose from, the 1000 Island Region offers everything for anyone looking for an excellent cold water dive destination.

Diving on an iceberg in an overhead environment - a surreal world first!

Divers on the 2010 Narwhal and Polar Bear Floe Edge Dive Adventure had the dive of their life. Who knew that by diving through a crack beside an iceberg could reveal such a surreal world of light and ice formations - above, below and beyond the visual range of 300' visibility !

After a few days of observing narwhal and diving in pack ice, the pinnacle dive was against a massive, twin peaked iceberg grounded in Eclipse Sound about 1km back from the floe edge. What was most impressive was the dimpled texture of the iceberg underwater - reminiscent of a golf ball - and just how vast the ice extends down and out compared to what is visible of the iceberg above the ice.

It was an underwater photographers dream. Definitely a world first for diving on an iceberg in the Arctic - in an overhead environment.

In the words of one of the divers:

"The iceberg dive was one of my most favourite dives ever. Not a small compliment to the dive considering I have over 1000 dives. Outstanding!"
T.M. - Saskatchewan

We hope to repeat this incredible dive experience on next years Narwhal and Polar Bear Adventure Scuba Dive trip scheduled for May 24 to May 31 2011.

Join a LIVE Webinar on Nov 3, 2010 at 12:00PM

Arctic Floe Edge Diving - a virtual expedition


We invite you to join Tom Lennartz, Expedition Director with Arctic Kingdom Expeditions since 2002, as he discusses a day in the life of the Narwhal and Polar Bear Floe Edge Dive Adventure.

Intended to help you come away with a better understanding of what diving in the spring Arctic entails. From the types of dives to expect, to what a day in the life of dive trip will look like, and what you need for experience (Advanced) and equipment.

To see what a real dive adventure is all about come join us on this virtual dive expedition to the Arctic.

You can ask questions during the webinar, or email [email protected] ahead of time.

Space is limited. Reserve Your Spot HERE:

Title: Arctic Floe Edge Diving - Get your questions answered by the experts
Date: Wednesday, November 3, 2010
Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT

After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.

Special Offer! Free Canada Goose™ Winter Parka

If you book before U.S. Thanksgiving (Nov. 25th), you will receive with our compliments, a beautiful and highly practical - Canada Goose - winter parka ready to wear this Winter and on your Arctic Kingdom adventure.

Click here fore details>>

Bookings are subject to our standard terms & conditions

Ice Dive Training in the Great Lakes - by Airboat!

Interested in obtaining your ice dive certification but want more than just a hole in the ice? Going on a dive trip to the Arctic or Antarctic and want to be better prepared? We're the only ones to have a rigid hull airboat to access the shipwrecks and amazing ice conditions of the Great Lakes and 1000 Islands region - an area of ice interspersed with open water. We have two day ice dive training courses running on the weekends of Jan 22 - 23, Feb 19 - 20 and Feb 26 - 27 2011, starting at $590.00 CAD

Group / Private Booking Program

Do you have a group of 3 or more or think you can put one together? Check out our Group Booking and Private Group Program for details on group incentives and even how you can get a free spot.


Arviat Fly-In Polar Bear & Northern Lights Cabins
Move over Churchill! Make room for Arviat. Observe countless polar bears from the comfort of our Arviat Polar Bear cabins set directly on the shores of Hudson Bay. Go on nature treks with Inuit guides to get even closer for that elusive eye-level photograph.

Set Departures: Oct-Nov
Prices from: $ 7,600

Find Out More →

Polar Bears and Northern Lights of the Torngat Mountains
The pinnacle of remote luxury living in our new Arctic Igloo Domes in the rarely visited remote Torngat mountains. Helicopters, polar bears and rare caribou herds make this a world class unforgettable adventure.

Set Departures: March-April
Prices from: $25,000

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Narwhal and Polar Bear Floe Edge Adventure
Experience the pure essence of the exotic Arctic. Nestled amongst the majestic peaks of glacier capped mountains of Sirmilik National Park and north Baffin Island, camp directly on the sea ice and observe the mystical narwhal up close in the comfort of an upscale tented camp. Narwhals, polar bears, glaciers and icebergs make this an unparalleled adventure.

Set Departures: May-June
Prices from: $9,700

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The Ultimate Floe Edge Experience - Beluga, Narwhals and Polar Bears
An intensely remote, semi-private sized group, upscale experience to the heart of the Arctic in its ultimate scenic and wildlife splendor.

Set Departures: May-June-July
Prices from: $19,900

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Bowhead Whales, Walrus and Polar Bears of Foxe Basin
A journey of awe-inspiring and unforgettable panoramas. Ice islands draped with walrus, bowhead whales, polar bears and all night sunsets.

Set Departures: June-July
Prices from: $9,200

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Summer Polar Bears and Walrus of Coats Island
Remote and exotic, intoxicating Coats Island is a wildlife haven for polar bears, walrus, myriads of birds witnessed by only an elite few. This boat based adventure will get immerse you in the world of the summer Arctic, a trip that will leave lasting, maybe life changing memories.

Set Departures: July
Prices from: $9,100

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Polar Bears, Bowhead Whales and Glaciers of Baffin Island
Navy blue fiords, pink Arctic char, pure white polar bears, crimson red sunsets, electric blue glaciers and purple exotic flowers make this a journey to the colorful extreme.

Set Departures: August
Prices from: $9,100

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Ice Dive Canada's Great Lakes Shipwrecks
In Ontario's Thousand Islands, we have chosen a location with ice conditions similar to the Arctic, offering a wide range of training scenarios. Using our state-of-the-art airboat, you will able to experience ice that has never been accessed before, safely and reliably.

Set Departures: January/Febuary
Prices from: $2,800

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Ultimate Arctic Animal Adventure
Multiple land based camps at floe edges that are high in wildlife populations, combined with highly flexible transport options to locate and access the locations where the animals congregate.

Dates: April-Nov
Prices: Please call or email us for pricing.

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Spring Polar Bears at the Ice Floe Edge
An epic photographic safari in search of the polar bears, notably mother and cubs who have recently emerged from their dens and are hunting seals along the floe edge. Patience will be rewarded with unique and stunning polar bears amongst pack ice and icebergs.

Dates: May
Prices: Please call or email us for pricing.

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Narwhal and Beluga and the Lady Ann Strait Polynya
The Serengeti of the high arctic - this extremely high arctic polynya - or permanent open body of water just outside of Grise Fiord will reward you with observations of whales to walrus in a stunning mountainous surrounding.

Dates: May-June
Prices: Please call or email us for pricing.

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Bowheads and Humpbacks in Greenland
Whale watching and snorkeling with Bowhead and Humpback amongst stunning icebergs in Greenland out of the community of Qekeqtarjuaq in Disko Bay.

Dates: April
Prices: Please call or email us for pricing.

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Inuit Culture and Dogsledding in Greenland
As real as it gets. Dogsledding with the local Qaanaaq Inuit who have chosen not to ever use snowmobiles. Dress in traditional fur clothing and visit the floe edge on this 10 day journey and live the traditional Inuit way.

Dates: April-May
Prices: Please call or email us for pricing.

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Narwhal Summer Feeding Grounds Discovery
Deep fiords, drifting icebergs and the search with local Inuit for the mystical narwhal in their summer feeding area of Koluktoo Bay near Pond Inlet make this an immersion into Arctic life an unforgettable life experience.

Set Departures: August
Prices: Please call or email us for pricing.

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Arctic Kingdom Polar Expeditions Inc. is fiercely dedicated to creating authentic and awe-inspiring trips to the high Arctic, we are the only company in the world to offer land-based travel experiences and special interest trips for individuals and small private groups. We know the Arctic like no other company and love to share it. Upscale and exclusive, we offer both scheduled trips (set departures) available to anyone and custom expeditions for clients such as Disney, National Geographic, the occasional world-renowned polar explorer and of course, discerning travellers. Our group sizes are small - from 4-12 fellow adventurers. (Any Inuit guide will tell you that a larger group size compromises your ability to feel and see what the Arctic has to offer.)

"Arctic Kingdom - the world's leading company for managing complicated logistics in the North"
- Scott Polar Research Institute


Scheduled Trips - Set Departures
A scheduled trip has a fixed date, fixed itinerary and fixed price where you can join a group of up to 12 fellow adventurers

Private and Custom Trips
A private trip is any trip that is not open to the general public, it therefore has a flexible departure date.
There are three types of private trips:

  1. Block Trips: a block trip is a private trip based on any of our scheduled itineraries, the easiest way to block a trip is to simply take over an existing departure date for your group.
  2. Private Adventures: these are set itineraries that have been pre-planned and run before. Starting prices are based on a minimum private group size of 4-8. While the core architecture of these trips is fixed, tweaking and customizing them can easily be accomplished - see our website for a long list of Private Adventures that include: dog-sledding, skiing, hot air ballooning, a helicopter flight to see Polar Bear dens and cubs, catching arctic char, snorkelling with whales, or building (and sleeping in) an igloo above the Arctic circle.
  3. Private Family Trips: this concept is simple; take one of our trips (scheduled or private) and let us weave-in enriching opportunities for kids, teenagers and adults. There is nowhere like the Arctic, where elders are revered and respected, to bridge a generation gap and create life-long memories.

Custom Expedition Planning
If you can imagine it, we can make it happen. We can do for you what we do for National Geographic, Disney, the military and world-renowned polar explorers. Whether your dream is a full-on expedition to the North Pole or simply (or not quite so simply) to hot air balloon over it, video an elusive Greenland shark, or dive an Arctic shipwreck, we can make it happen. The possibilities are as wide open as the north.

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