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The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) are one of nature's most incredible spectacles.

To see them is to be awed. The power and beauty of the shimmering curtains makes one gaze up the sky for hours, completely and utterly spellbound. The emotions that are drawn from within that well up in your chest at the sheer majesty of the aurora as they dance across the sky are indescribable.

Early spring and early Autumn are the two best times to see the northern lights. The northern skies are dark at night, the nights cold clean and crisp - perfect conditions for prime time viewing of the northern lights. But what do you do during the day while you wait for darkness to fall? How about observe and photograph polar bears, newborn cubs, or a herd of caribou? We have designed four trips for 2012 that combine incredible wildlife viewing experiences, Inuit culture, in locations that are in the prime northern lights viewing band at the 60 degree latitude mark.

Choose from one of these four trips in 2012 where you can experience the northern lights yourself!

Polar Bear Mother and Newborn Cubs

Early March - 9 days

From Winnipeg, fly to Churchill and take the train to a refurbished navy communications base that is serves as the polar bear and northern lights lodge. Witness newborn polar bear cubs emerging from their dens as their mother introduces them to the world.

View the northern lights spectacle at night.

Dates: March 14 - 22nd 2012
Availability: 2 of 10 spots remain. Book now!
Price: $7,900 + tax and flights from Winnipeg to Churchill
What our clients say: "The aurora borealis at the lodge were amazing!"
- Andy Brandy Casagrande - Emmy Award winning National Geographic filmmaker

Polar Bears and Northern Lights of the Torngat Mountains

Late March - 9 days

Our premium safari for polar bears and northern lights. This very intimate four person trip is set in the foothills of one of Canada's remotest mountain ranges - the Torngat Mountains and directly at 60degrees latitude, in the prime northern lights band. Day trips by helicopter and snowmobile safari to see polar bears, the Torngat caribou and nightly northern lights make this one of the worlds best northern lights trip.

Dates: March 24 - April 1, 2012
Availability: 2 of 4 spots remain
Price: $25,000 + tax. Includes flights from Montreal
What our clients say: "Congratulations on the comfort of the camp, the professionalism of your care and the excellent cuisine...The evening Aurora Boreale (Northern Lights) were truly exceptional"
- N & JP, - Paris, France

NEW! Autumn Caribou and Northern Lights Photo Safari

Early September - 7 days

Caribou migrating photographed from the air and at eye level on the ground, combined with blazing autumn colours and shimmering northern lights. This is an experience you will never forget. From Inuit guides who know the traditional migration corridors of the caribou, shimmering northern lights in the evening, to the silence of the tundra broken by passing caribou, this autumn Arctic photography safari will surprise and delight at every step

Dates: Sept 5 - 11 and Sept 11 - 17
Availability: 6 of 8 on both trip departures
Price: $8,885 + tax and flight from Winnipeg to Arviat
What our clients say: "Caribou were never far off in any direction and sometimes strolling right behind the camp. Incredible!"
- J. P. Toronto, Canada

Polar Bear Migration Fly-In Safari

Oct / Nov - 5 days

An intimatepolar bear viewing experience like none other. Fly by private plane directly into the heart of the Hudson Bay polar bear migration path. From your comfortable cabin and beyond, enjoy up-close polar bear viewing and unprecedented access. At night watch the vibrant northern lights dance overhead.

Dates: Oct 23-27, Oct 27-31, Oct 31 Nov 4 & Nov 4 - Nov 8
Availability: Open. Some dates still available for group booking.
Price: $7,900 + tax and flight from Winnipeg to Arviat
What our clients say: "We have been to the north col of Mt. Everest by helicopter, and this trip tops that!"
- T & C Freitag, Vancouver, BC

Choose from one of these four trips in 2012 where you can experience the northern lights..and a million stars yourself!

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Expedition Director

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