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Arcticles Online: January 2010 All the latest news from Arctic Kingdom Expeditions!

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2 NEW EXPLORATORY TRIPS: Baffin Island – South to North by Snowmobile
Arctic Kingdom and University of Alberta measure up!
Live Webinar on February 3!
How did we get that photograph?
Polar Bears of Devon Island's 'Bear Bay' by Landtamer– Sold Out – Now Booking for 2011
Upcoming 2010 trip Availability

Greetings from all of us at Arctic Kingdom!

We hope you all had a fantastic New Year and welcome to 2010! The 2010 season is already upon us with the first expedition – our new exploratory trip – the Polar Bears of Devon Island's Bear Bay by Landtamer to depart in April. Following that we have yet two more exciting new exploratory trips in May that will allow you to snowmobile from the south end of Baffin Island, across the Arctic Circle and onward to north coast of Baffin Island (read the next article for full details). By June, we have our ever popular Narwhal and Polar Bear Floe Edge Adventures out of Pond Inlet (still a few spots left!) , then the Bowhead, Walrus and Inuit Culture of the Foxe Basin in July. If that wasn't enough, we're then once again heading back to Pond Inlet for the August Narwhal Summer Feeding Grounds Adventure. Choose your own adventure – from diving, to snowmobiling, to just taking it easy at the floe edge. Which ever adventure you choose, you can be assured it is with a small group, with knowledgeable Inuit and AK guides and leaders, to make sure it is a personal, and unforgettable experience.

2 NEW EXPLORATORY TRIPS: Baffin Island – South to North by Snowmobile

What do you get when you combine, multiple floe edges where we can see Narwhal and Bowheads, spectacular mountains, the steepest cliffs in the world of the Akshayuk Pass, the Penny Ice Cap, sweeping glaciers, huge fiords and multiple Inuit towns that Baffin Island has to offer? You get the most spectacular snowmobile adventure possible.

Back-to-back, the trips will take two weeks from the South of Baffin (Iqaluit) to the north (Pond Inlet). We have split the route into two separate one week trips. We are inviting a maximum of 5 persons to participate. You can choose to join one, or join them both if you have the time!

Trip 1 - Through the Pass to the Arctic Circle
May 7 - 14
Iqaluit to Pangnirtung through the Akshayuk Pass, across the Arctic Circle and end in Qikiqtarsuaq (Broughton Island)

Trip 2 - Arctic Circle to the Fiords of North Baffin Island
May 14 - 21
Starting at Qikiqtarsuaq to Clyde River, along the amazing Fiords of North Baffin and end in Pond Inlet

Arctic Kingdom and University of Alberta measure up!

On selected 2010 expeditions, Arctic Kingdom is assisting the University of Alberta Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Department and one of the world's leading ice researchers, Dr. Christian Haas, test instruments and gather sea ice thickness measurements. Arctic Kingdom will be providing the vehicles and logistics to support the tests and taking some the measurements.

Ice thickness measurements will be performed as part of the Canadian Arctic Sea Ice Mass Balance Observatory (CASIMBO), an effort of the University of Alberta to establish systematic sea ice thickness measurements in the Canadian Arctic and Arctic Ocean to support climate change studies, shipping and other offshore activities in Canadian waters and along the North West Passage, and safety of on-ice travel.

While traveling over sea ice, Arctic Kingdom and Dr. Haas, will perform continuous electromagnetic induction (EM) ice thickness measurements using an EM instrument mounted on a qamutiq and logging the date synchronously with GPS position data.

According to Dr. Haas, "The results of the Arctic Kingdom surveys will be used to acquire a reference data set for comparison with future surveys, to demonstrate the feasibility of autonomous measurements using over-ice traverses of opportunity, to contribute complementary data to the floe edge service of Noetix Inc to help interpret satellite radar imagery and to develop an autonomous ice thickness surveying device which can be taken by laymen for safety and scientific research when traveling over sea ice."

By joining one of these trips you are supporting leading edge ice research. Thank you!

Polar Bears of Devon Islands 'Bear Bay by Landtamer
Through the Pass to the Arctic Circle Snowmobile Adventure
Arctic Circle to the Fiords of North Baffin Island Snowmobile Adventure

You're invited to a Live Webinar on February 3!

Arctic Kingdom Expeditions – Narwhal and Polar Bear Floe Edge Adventure


We invite you to join Tom Lennartz, Expedition Leader with Arctic Kingdom Expeditions since 2002, as he discusses a day in the life of the Narwhal and Polar Bear Floe Edge Adventure.

Intended to help you come away with a better understanding of the Arctic, and one of its most amazing places - from glacier fields, the snow capped mountains of Bylot Island, to how we travel over sea ice with our Inuit guides, set up a base camp on sea ice, all of which is undertaken to see the hundreds of migrating narwhal as they wait at the floe edge only meters away.

The webinar will contain many images, some facts, and some good stories/anecdotes of Tom's first hand animal encounters - from polar bears, to swimming with narwhals. See you there!

Space is limited. Reserve Your Spot:

Title: Arctic Kingdom Expeditions - Narwhal and Polar Bear Floe Edge Adventure
Date: Wednesday, February 3, 2010
Time: 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM EST

After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.

How did we get that photograph?

We have been asked on numerous occasions how (or more importantly, "where") we were able to get the shots we have on the AK website. One recent blog post by Tom Lennartz of the Top 10 2009 Floe Edge Expedition Moments of the Narwhal and Polar Bear Floe Edge Adventure explains how the main photo at the top of this months newsletter was captured. To the right are a sequence of other photos in the same series.

Tom: "Polar bears are quite common on the floe edge and we came across quite a few – sometimes they would wander out from the pack ice, or along the floe edge looking for seal, or other times we would come across them while snowmobiling across the ice. One special polar bear encounter was just outside our base camp. A polar bear sentry spotted a polar bear approaching our camp from the pack ice that had been pushed against the floe edge a few days earlier. Being only 40 meters away, at 2am, with the sun low in the sky casting long shadows and a soft yellow light, we watched this polar bear lounging on a flat piece of ice. Completely oblivious to us, he would lie on his stomach, rest his large head on his forelegs, stretch his back legs behind, sit up, sniff around, lie on his back and put his paws in the air. It was almost like he put on a show just for us before a second polar bear came to interrupt his candidness. The two them sniffed each other and continued walking through the pack ice in opposite directions." Pretty awesome! You just never know what you'll see out in the Arctic by being 'up close and personal'.

Polar Bears of Devon Island's 'Bear Bay' by Landtamer

Sold Out - Booking now for 2011

In the last newsletter we announced a new exploratory trip where we would take a new 8-wheeled amphibious vehicle known as the “Landtamer” from Grise Fiord to Resolute this coming April in search of Polar Bears and Muskoxen on the north coast of Devon Island, and Walrus at the Dundas Island polynya. This trip is already sold out for 2010, but if you are interested for 2011, dates are tentatively set for April 19 -28 2011 and bookings can now be made.

Details >>

Upcoming 2010 Trip Availability

Narwhal and Polar Bear Floe Edge Adventure
May 31 – June 7 2010 - Dive trip – 3 spots remaining
June 7 – 14 2010 – Non-dive trip – 2 spots remaining
June 15 – 22, 2010 – Non-dive trip – 3 spots remaining

Bowhead, Walrus and Inuit Culture of Foxe Basin
July 10 – 18 – non-dive trip – 4 spots remaining

That's it for this issue. We welcome any feedback, ideas or comments at [email protected].

Happy travels,

Arctic Kingdom

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