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Go where few have gone before

In a world crowded by people and cars, concrete and ever increasing trivial matters, Arctic Kingdom offers an experience that transcends mere travel, a chance to immerse oneself in the last great wilderness - to experience the world above the Arctic Circle.

Many of you have clients that have "done it all" and are seeking a truly unique and profound travel experience. The high Canadian Arctic is one of the most captivating places on earth - vast stretches of treeless tundra, icebergs, abundant wildlife, rich Inuit culture and a remarkably invigorating isolation from the rest of the world. To truly experience the Arctic is to understand the Inuit belief that everything in nature is infused with the spirit of life.

Get close enough to see the breath of a polar bear that no other human being has ever seen. Hear the sound of Narwhals (before you see them). Touch the aqua blue surface of a millennium old ice-berg. Listen to the riveting yet humbly told stories of someone who was born in an igloo and has never lived below the Arctic Circle.

Creating family memories to last a lifetime can also be educational

Travel to a place that transforms lives, that will live on in memories forever, that will make even the most blasé teenager grudgingly admit, "that was cool." Let us lead you on a luxury land-based family trip that will bridge generation gaps and create family bonds to last a lifetime.

With one of our private family trips, you'll learn more in a week than a year studying in a classroom. That's because we are often able to join our private trips with actual scientific teams doing research. Unlike any other travel company, our logistical expertise gives us access to these teams. A part of your Arctic adventure could see you helping with the whale counts, glaciological research or archaeological excavations. Please download the pdf below for a complete list of potential research projects from tracking whales & polar bears with wildlife biologists to excavating ancient Thule camps. The very nature of our trips has a lasting effect on the families that take them. They are simply bonding experiences like no other. But for kids, their experience can be more profound. It can jump start a greater interest in learning and education that will stand them in good stead long after the trip. And as they follow their dreams of higher learning and great schools, what better leg up to have than to be able to point back to their time spent in the Arctic as proof of their dedication to bettering themselves and their world.

See the different Scientific Projects that could be woven in to your Arctic Experience!

Featured Trip

Polar Bears and Northern Lights of the Torngat Mountains
Imagine returning from a day of polar bear viewing in your private helicopter having landed on remote islands rarely seen by man, only to be spoiled by a dazzling display of the Northern Lights. This is the pinnacle of remote luxury living in our new Arctic Igloo Domes in the rarely visited remote Torngat mountains. Helicopters, polar bears and rare caribou herds make this a world class unforgettable adventure.

Available only 3 weeks a year during March and April during the prime polar bear viewing season. Space is extremely limited.  

Book now – only 4 spots remaining for March/April!

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Arctic Kingdom Polar Expeditions Inc. is fiercely dedicated to creating authentic and awe-inspiring trips to the high Arctic, we are the only company in the world to offer land-based travel experiences and special interest trips for individuals and small private groups. We know the Arctic like no other company and love to share it. Upscale and exclusive, we offer both scheduled trips (set departures) available to anyone and custom expeditions for clients such as Disney, National Geographic, the occasional world-renowned polar explorer and of course, discerning travellers. Our group sizes are small - from 4-12 fellow adventurers. (Any Inuit guide will tell you that a larger group size compromises your ability to feel and see what the Arctic has to offer.)

"Arctic Kingdom - the world's leading company for managing complicated logistics in the North"
- Scott Polar Research Institute


A scheduled trip has a fixed date, fixed itinerary and fixed price where you can join a group of up to 12 fellow adventurers

A private trip is any trip that is not open to the general public, it therefore has a flexible departure date.
There are three types of private trips:

  1. Block Trips: a block trip is a private trip based on any of our scheduled itineraries, the easiest way to block a trip is to simply take over an existing departure date for your group.
  2. Private Adventures: these are set itineraries that have been pre-planned and run before. Starting prices are based on a minimum private group size of 4-8. While the core architecture of these trips is fixed, tweaking and customizing them can easily be accomplished - see our website for a long list of Private Adventures that include: dog-sledding, skiing, hot air ballooning, a helicopter flight to see Polar Bear dens and cubs, catching arctic char, snorkelling with whales, or building (and sleeping in) an igloo above the Arctic circle.
  3. Private Family Trips: this concept is simple; take one of our trips (scheduled or private) and let us weave-in enriching opportunities for kids, teenagers and adults. There is nowhere like the Arctic, where elders are revered and respected, to bridge a generation gap and create life-long memories.

If you can imagine it, we can make it happen. We can do for you what we do for National Geographic, Disney, the military and world-renowned polar explorers. Whether your dream is a full-on expedition to the North Pole or simply (or not quite so simply) to hot air balloon over it, video an elusive Greenland shark, or dive an Arctic shipwreck, we can make it happen. The possibilities are as wide open as the north.

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