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In Search of the Mystical (Double Tusk) Narwhal...

"Double tusk!" shouted one of our Inuit elder guides at the top of his lungs, pointing excitedly at a pod of ten Narwhal that had just surfaced only meters away. "Double tuuuuuusssskk!!"

It was June, and our group of eight was standing on the sea ice of northern Baffin Island on what is known as the 'floe edge' - where land-fast ice meets open water on the Narwhal and Polar Bear Safari. North Baffin Island, in Nunavut, Canada, is the only place in the world to see the mystical tusked Narwhal - a whale with a tusk that can protrude up to 10' in length. Most people don't even know that these 'unicorns of the sea' exist. They're the stuff of legends...of fairy tales. But they do exist, by the thousands!

Our Inuit elder's "double tusk!" exclamation startled me for two reasons.

Firstly, the Inuit are a calm people and rarely show their excitement. Their stoic, yet friendly nature is calming and reassuring - probably the result of eons of living nomadically on the land, in the wild, where one must stay calm in order to survive. To have them show this much emotion meant that something truly special was happening!

Secondly, I knew what the term 'double tusk' meant - that a narwhal, with not just one, but two tusks had appeared. This is an extremely rare occurrence. It's estimated that just one in every 500 narwhal has a double tusk so to witness this appearance first hand was a real privilege.

A rare double-tusked narwhal:

No two of our Arctic Safaris are ever the same. This 'double tusk' sighting was just one of the many experiences that make each floe edge safari special and different from the last. From seeing polar bears up close, to listening to the flap of hundreds of King Eider ducks fly by, to learning about life on the land from an Inuit elder, to touching a glacier and drinking tea made from a 10,000 year-old iceberg, to seeing a double tusked narwhal - each trip has its unique adventures.

It's no wonder that the Canadian Tourism Commission just named our Narwhal and Polar Bear Safari one of Canada's "Signature Experiences" and we are proud to be pioneering the way in creating life long memories in the Arctic with our Arctic Safaris.

We do still have availability for 2012 but space is very limited, so contact me or one of our adventure planners soon.

Happy Travels,

Thomas Lennartz
Expedition Director

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