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Ultimate Iqaluit

Custom-designed Iqaluit: an itinerary as unique as you

Custom-designed Iqaluit - the Ultimate Iqaluit adventure - can be as long or as short as you need it to be. The dates can fit your schedule. You can check the Arctic off your bucket list and create memories that last a life time.

Ultimate Iqaluit can cover 1000 years of history

Inuit Father and Son in Traditional ClothingA thousand years ago, Inuit ancestors - the Thule people - camped on an island not far from present day Iqaluit. The first European to visit, Martin Frobisher, thought he had found the Northwest Passage and gold. He named the body of water, on which Iqaluit is located, Frobisher Strait. It wasn't until 1861 that an American explorer in search of Franklin's lost expedition spoke with Koojesse, a local hunter, and discovered that the strait was actually a bay, a very long bay. During the Second World War, Americans built an air force base in the vicinity. This was the birth of a community known as Frobisher Bay. In 1987, the original Inuktituk name, Iqaluit, was re-established. Historic Iqaluit: Whaling, Fur and War

Ultimate Iqaluit can be a wildlife adventure

Because Ultimate Iqaluit is a custom-designed trip, the itinerary can be adapted to suit any interest, including wildlife viewing. We can add an excursion to the floe edge to search for polar bears. You can fish for Arctic char or visit a lake where the only land-locked cod in the world can be found.
Snowmobiling on Frobisher Bay

Snowmobiling on Frobisher Bay

Ultimate Iqaluit can be an active adventure

Snowmobiling, snowshoeing, kayaking, snorkelling or scuba diving can be added to your custom-designed adventure. Just ask us and we can make a custom-designed Iqaluit itinerary as unique as you. Want to amp up the excitement? Active Iqaluit: Hike, Explore, Enjoy.

Ultimate Iqaluit can introduce you to the Art Scene

Form follows function, as it has for thousands of year in the North. Inuit tools, clothing and equipment were practical and efficient, yet beautiful. Since the 1960s, the local people have developed a thriving international business in sculpture, prints and textiles. Your Ultimate Iqaluit can focus on the Art Scene.

Ultimate Iqaluit can focus on The 21st Century

Iqaluit may still seem like a frontier town in some respects, but the truth is high tech came when the USAF base was established during the Second World War. As technology evolved so has the city. Your Ultimate Iqaluit could focus on the present.



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