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Ultimate Iqaluit

Ultimate Iqaluit Options: Make our itinerary your own

Hudson's Bay Post

Historic Hudson's Bay Post

Although the territorial capital is relatively new, the location has played an important part in the lives of the earliest peoples. Nearby "the place of many fish" are archaeological sites that prove early Inuit ancestors were living there one thousand years ago. Ultimate Iqaluit can encompass the entire history of Nunavut from ancient times to the present.

Historic Iqaluit: Whaling, Fur and War

  • Interpretative & visitor Centre
  • Airport tour to see bush planes & medivac planes
  • Upper Base site (foundations of original US Airforce Base)
  • Visit the Anglican Igloo church. (Visit Catholic church upon request)
  • Tour Neighborhoods: Tundra Valley, Apex, Happy Valley, Federal Rd Industrial District
  • Scenic view of Sylvia Grinnell River/Waterfall
  • Hudson Bay historical buildings
  • Driving tour of Sylvia Grinnell park
  • Husky sled dog area of town
If you want to understand the 21st Century Arctic, there is no better place than Iqaluit to uncover the modern North.

21st Century Iqaluit: Satellites, Fashion and Politics

  • Tour the Legislative Assembly
  • Learn about all of the numerous satellite dishes, towers and various transmitters
  • Visit fur seamstress and learn about types of fur clothing and modern fur fashions
  • Learn about all of Iqaluit’s restaurants and bars
  • Drive the “Road to Nowhere”
  • Learn about pilings and buildings on permafrost
  • Visit an arctic fish store for dried or candied char, turbot and occasionally other country foods
  • View the outside of the Canadian Forces CF18 hangar
  • Federal Road industrial district
A broad range of hikes, from a few minutes to an entire day, can be injected into our standard trip for a natural healthy high.

Active Iqaluit: Hike, Explore, Enjoy

  • 5 Minute hike for view of the backcountry and reservoir lake behind town. (Weather permitting)
  • 5 Minute hike for highest view of town from the east. Excellent photography opportunity of Iqaluit
  • Apex Trail (30 Minute hike along sea shore included on full day tour)
  • A visit to the breakwater to look at the rough ice (conditions permitting) or tidal flats
  • Visit scenic look out looking down on the town from above.
  • Causeway for view of town from across Koojesse Inlet
  • Rotary Park (10 Minute hike up to Apex vantage point possible)
Iqaluit's Art Scene is one of its most exciting secrets. The town's artists have international reputations. The two annual cultural festivals are equal to any in Canada.

Iqaluit Art Scene: Form Follows Function

  • Inuit art galleries (at least 1 and up to all 4 in town)
  • Cultural/Art museum
  • Visit a specialized Arctic Bookstore and two main stores in Iqaluit
  • Visit 1 or 2 artist studios for silver‐work, ulus and soapstone carving (When they are available)
  • Admire three huge murals painted around town and large carvings around town
  • Add admission to one of Iqaluit's two cultural festivals.



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