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Ultimate Iqaluit

Suggested Itinerary: Ultimate Iqaluit for Everyone

This adventure can be customized to make this as unique as your tastes and interests. But if you want the Ultimate Iqaluit Overview, this itinerary is unparalleled. Arctic Kingdom includes a flight from Ottawa or Montreal to Iqaluit, Nunavut, in the package price. Our concierge service begins on arrival at either Montreal or Ottawa.
Iqaluit Floe Edge

Iqaluit Floe Edge

Day 1

Iqaluit is located at the north end of Frobisher Bay on Baffin Island. Originally an American Air Force Base occupied during the Cold War, Iqaluit is now the territorial capital. A vibrant city with night life and a frontier town attitude, it will be base camp for the next two nights. Your personal concierge accompanies you from the airport to the hotel in the van dedicated to the transfer. After some time to refresh and unpack, board your private van for a 4-hour tour of the capital. Your local guide will show you the Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Museum, Unikkaarvik Visitor Centre, the historic Anglican Church and the original Hudson’s Bay Company Trading Post. The tour includes a visit to Apex, the hamlet that grew up outside the Air Base. Overnight in Iqaluit. If you want a more focused itinerary, click the Options tab for a menu of themes with which to customize your adventure.

Day 2

The most northerly freshwater fish in Canada is the Arctic char. Related to trout and salmon, wild fish are a staple of northern diets and considered a delicacy in fine restaurants in the southern Canada. Today, you will dine al fresco on Arctic char you have caught. The method depends on the time of year you visit Iqaluit. If the lakes are frozen, you’ll travel by snowmobile, and use an auger to cut a hole in the ice to jig for fish, as Inuit have done for centuries. If the ice has melted, you will travel by ATV and fish with poles. Either way, a private chef will prepare your catch al fresco, and you’ll enjoy a lunch that you will be telling your foodie friends about for years! The dining adventure continues this evening, as does the immersion in Inuit culture. Country food is served with a side order of throat-singing and drum dancing. The exact menu depends on the season and availability – it could consist of muskox, caribou, or Canadian turbot – a saltwater fish. Overnight in Iqaluit.

Day 3 to 5

Inuit guides accompany you to the floe edge – where the ice meets the sea, leaving open water where Arctic marine mammals and birds feed. The guides drive snowmobiles that pull qamutiks, a sled Inuit use to carry supplies and family members. Ours are designed for the comfort of our guests. Your accommodation for the next two nights is heated tents equipped with raised beds and sleeping bags. The dining tent is run by a chef skilled in producing gourmet meals in extreme locales. The camp, located a safe distance from the floe edge, will have a backdrop of mountains. We have planned a number of activities to enrich your enjoyment of your floe edge experience: • Learn to build an igloo under the expert guidance of your Inuit guides. • Kayaking with our highly qualified field staff • Search for polar bears Building an igloo To build an igloo hard-packed snow is required. Your Inuit guides show you how to identify the right snow; and how to carve it into blocks of the right size and shape. You will build a base layer of snow blocks, each subsequent layer spirals upward toward the sky. Once your igloo is complete you have a choice of accommodation for night – your tent or you igloo! We’ll provide the caribou bedding. Kayaking Every activity we offer in this adventure is subject to local conditions – weather, ice and winds. Kayaking is no exception. Don’t miss the opportunity when it presents itself, because kayaking in the Arctic is an intimate and inspiring method of experiencing the outstanding beauty of the region. You’ll paddle around ice formations that glisten in the sun. Bring your binoculars so you can identify the migratory birds that will swoop and dive around your boat. Rest your paddles and drift quietly should you spot a beluga swimming under your boat in the crystal clear waters. Searching for polar bears The floe edge is the place to encounter the Arctic food web in all its diversity. Prey and predators congregate around the open water. The Inuit guides use their lifetime of hunting experience to watch for polar bear sign. Once spotted, they will ensure you can safely view the polar bears in their natural habitat.
Northern Lights in Iqaluit

Taken in September 2015 by Phil McComiskey

Northern Lights or Midnight Sun Your custom adventure to the capital of Nunavut can include opportunities to see Northern Lights or an 18-hour day of sunlight. Because they are natural phenomena, they can't be guaranteed. But we have a locals understanding, so we can advise you what dates are best for travel, if you want to add either to your experience.
Frequently asked question? Can I see the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun at the same time. Answer: No you can't.

Day 6

Iqaluit is about 230 km (140 miles) from the mouth of Frobisher Bay, today’s destination. The Twin Otter equipped with skis flies close to the coastline of Frobisher Bay to provide the best aerial views of numerous inlets, high cliffs and the islands that dot the bay. The planes’ skis make it possible to land without a landing strip. Jackman Sound or Grinnell Glacier could be landing locations. A hot lunch and champagne toast are planned for the finale of this Ultimate Iqaluit adventure.

Day 7

Your morning is at leisure. Flights depart Iqaluit in the early afternoon. Your concierge will accompany you to the airport for your flight to Montreal or Ottawa.



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