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Taste of the Floe Edge

Taste of the Floe Edge Overview

Get a taste of the magical floe edge and discover why it is known as the "Line of Life" on this exciting Arctic getaway. The floe edge, also known as the "Line of Life", is where the land-fast sea ice meets the open water, signalling the arrival of spring. It is here that a variety of wildlife, such as polar bears, narwhals, beluga, seals, and Arctic birds, congregates to travel through the openings in the ice, providing an excellent opportunity for wildlife viewing. Along with seasoned Inuit guides, you'll travel from Iqaluit by snowmobiles and traditional qamutiks over the sea ice to reach the floe edge. You'll spend the day taking in the stunning panoramic scenes, enjoying a picnic lunch, and possibly even kayaking in the tranquil waters before heading back to Iqaluit. A perfect way to sample this fascinating region!

About Iqaluit

Capital of Nunavut Population: 6,700 The capital of Nunavut is located on Frobisher Bay on Baffin Island. A legacy of the fact that the community was originally a military airbase built during WWII is that the Iqaluit International Airport is the nexus of a thriving air passenger and cargo industry. Since being named the capital, infrastructure has grown at an amazing rate. Iqaluit offers all of the modern conveniences you could need, from fine dining to shopping, as well as cultural experiences and outdoor adventures. Just outside the city you will find a wealth of natural attractions. The picturesque Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park and River is just a one kilometre walk from Iqaluit. Here, you’ll find Thule archaeological sites, a variety of rare plants, several species of wildlife, and some 40 species of birds. The river is also a great spot to catch Arctic char and the falls make a beautiful backdrop for a picnic.

Almost impossible to describe - the ice floe edge experience



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Trip Length
3 days/2 nights
International Gateway
Ottawa, ON, Canada
2017 Dates
April 28 - 30, 2017
2017 - CAD $2249 (plus taxes of CAD $178.63).
2017 SGL supplement
CAD $286 (Plus taxes of CAD $14.30)
All prices quoted in Canadian dollars. 2017 Terms and Conditions
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