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As the world becomes smaller and better understood, we seek new destinations that inspire us and give us a sense of discovery. There aren’t many of these places left on our Earth. The vast Arctic and Antarctic regions definitely fit the bill, with thousands of miles of untouched coastline, valleys and fiords, exquisite scenery and exotic wildlife encounters, such as the great white polar bear, unicorn-tusked narwhal or millions of migrating caribou. But what really makes this region special is that it’s just you there, among all this untouched, raw beauty. This is unexplored territory, the ideal place to take your yacht on the journey of a lifetime. Given these regions are mainly sheer wilderness, trip-planning can be daunting. This is where our expertise can help. Arctic Kingdom has been perfecting the art of polar adventure and supporting logistics for the past 15 years. We know the people, the places and the secrets of the Arctic and Antarctic regions to create expertly crafted itineraries tailor made for our clients. We have the tools, and expertise to put together seamless, custom-made yacht expeditions, so all you have to do is explore.


We've learned from years of practice what pieces are needed to put together a flawless experience for our yacht clients. Through close-relationships with government representatives, local fixers, grocers and guides, remote landing strips, customs officers, navigation support teams, and ice experts, we will take care of all your needs. Among the services we offer are:
  • Itinerary building
  • Expedition guiding and local, day-trip guiding
  • Provisioning support
  • Ice-navigation
  • Unchartered navigation advice
  • Permitting (including National and Regional Parks, government and Inuit owned lands, wildlife reserves)
  • Remote customs clearance for guests and crew
  • Fuel caches, refuelling
  • Remote flight services, including use of restricted, remote airstrips
  • Helicopter rental and piloting
  • Hotel and flight booking


Arctic Kingdom has every piece of equipment you may need for your expedition. In addition to a complete, centrally located warehouse, we have equipment caches throughout the region for ease of access. For a complete list of equipment, download our PDF here. Among the equipment available:
  • Landing crafts, boats, ATVs, Snowmobiles, Kayaks
  • Arctic-appropriate outerwear, innerwear and footwear
  • Scuba Diving and Snorkel gear (rebreathers, drysuits, compressors, portable hyperbaric chamber, oxygen generator and everything else)
  • Luxury Camping Equipment (tents, sleeping bags, stoves, dishware, mats) for day camps or overnight adventures on the land.

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