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We create exclusive yachting itineraries based on your desires. If you want a heavy dose of adventure mixed with relaxation, or a cultural immersion, or wildlife focused vacation, we will custom-design a route, including local stops, guides and must-sees, arranged only this once, and only for you. The Arctic and Antarctic are vast regions, with many yacht routing options. Here are a few ideas for itineraries we can help you coordinate: The Greenland Explorer: Sail up the west coast of Greenland, from the warmer Southern tip, defined by green plains and delicious lamb, to the jaw-dropping splendour of Disco Bay, where you can watch much of the world's icebergs calve off before your eyes. The Historic Northwest Passage: You'll begin your journey way, way north, at 75 degrees – the start of the historic Northwest Passage. This is a region rich in the history of ancient shipping pursuits, captains and mates from around the world trying in vain to push through the ice and find a short route to Asia. Most perished in the ordeal, but not before leaving behind remnants and wonder about their fascinating journey. In the modern age, with the easing of the ice pack, this obsession over the Northwest Passage has picked up steam again. Now it is your turn to navigate through what so many vessels before only dreamed of doing before. The route will take you from Northern Baffin Island, alongside Beechey, Somerset and Victoria Islands, and across to the Bering Straight and Alaska. Baffin Island Polar Bear Express: The Eastern edge of Baffin Island is an awe-inspiring landscape of hard-cut and towering fiords, plunging into pure ice water, intricately sculpted icebergs. It's a region where polar bears, along with walrus, muskox, caribou and wolves can still be seen roaming in their natural environment. You will sail North from the tiny Inuit community of Qikiqtarjuaq, where polar bears are spotted all summer long, to Pond Inlet, tucking inside the endless fiord systems for up-close experiences with some of the most exotic wildlife on Earth. Antarctica: The Ice Continent: Once past the legendary Drake Passage, sail through the breathtaking Antarctic Peninsula and the historically rich South Shetland Islands. Get up-close to literally thousands of friendly penguins, and carve off pieces of towering icebergs and glaciers for your afternoon cocktail. You are one of very few who have ever explored the magical Iceworld. Mini-Trips from the Yacht: Our commitment is to design for you the best experiences the Arctic and Antarctic has to offer. Therefore, in addition to the overall yacht itinerary, we recommend adding overnight or multi-day trips to your voyage. Here are a few of these "vacations within a vacation" we have done in the past: Greenland Ice Cap Caving, Kayaking and Diving The Greenland Ice Cap covers roughly 80% of Greenland, and 1,710,000 square kilometres (660,235 sq mi). Within this icescape are enormous glacial caves, some 90 metres (300ft) deep. We've partnered with the world's leading ice-cavers to take us spelunking deep inside these massive caves, near Sondrestromfiord and Illulissat (Greenland's Arctic Circle region.) The cap also features twisting, pure, bright blue, glacial rivers and deep glacial lakes which provide an exhilarating new place to kayak and dive. Soper River Raft Trip The Soper River connects Frobisher Bay to the quaint Inuit community of Kimmirut, on southern Baffin Island. The Soper River Valley with its own micro-climate, is a beautiful lush valley which provides food, vegetation and shelter for wolves, caribou, Arctic hare and other Arctic wildlife. During your 4-day intermediate rafting trip, see caribou herds along the scenic rolling tundra covered in colourful wildflowers, pass through both white-water rapids and lazy, slow-moving sections and view gorgeous 2000 foot waterfalls multiple times a day. Spectacular hikes follow caribou trails and a landscape resembling Scotland. Near the end of the journey catch Arctic char and cook it over the fire. This is one of the best mid-level canoe trips in the world. Hike Mt. Barbeau A vigorous hiking expedition high above the Arctic Circle in the most northerly National Park in the world – Quttinirpaaq National Park. We'll explore Ellesmere Island's rugged natural environment of glaciers, ice shelves and deeply incised fiords, as we journey to Mt Barbeau – the highest peak in the Canadian Arctic islands at 2732m (8965ft) – which we will summit, just 550 miles from the North Pole. The total trip, including the 4-day ascent and 2-day descent, and travel to and from the Park, will be 9 days.

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