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Imagine a land of perpetual sun. Imagine boundless tundra, frozen fjords, great heaves of broken ice gleaming in the sunlight. A herd of migrating caribou can be seen in the distance, their heads silhouetted dramatically against the sky. Along the ice edge, the air is filled with the raucous sound of walrus and the cries of sea birds. Far out along the sea ice, dark cracks and holes have opened up, providing breathing holes for seals. A lone polar bear stalks along the ice, hunting her next meal.

The arctic is vast, with natural wonders spread throughout its great expanse. Until now, visiting the arctic required vast resources and planning, and only dedicated expeditions, targeting just one region, were feasible. Almost every arctic trip hinged on luck, depending on the cooperation of weather and wildlife to make the trip a success. Expeditions lasting fewer than 10 days could go without any wildlife sightings, at all and combining more than one location was impractical.

Ultimate Concept

Arctic Kingdom is offering flexibility never before available in arctic expeditions. Multiple land based camps at floe edges that are high in wildlife populations, combined with highly flexible transport options to locate and access the locations where the animals congregate.

Arctic kingdom is proud to introduce the ultimate arctic wildlife adventure – the world’s finest arctic expedition, combining many of the most extraordinary locations and breathtaking wildlife into a single journey of discovery. The opportunity to see so much more than ever before is only now possible through a combination of flexible transportation by plane and helicopter and coordination by a network of guides who provide us with real-time updates from around the region on local conditions and animal sightings. These updates provide the best chance to visit locations at the most optimal times, when conditions are at their most favorable, with the most effective means to find animals in each location. The Ultimate Arctic Wildlife Adventure provides the ultimate convenience, with many camps already prepared upon arrival, the ultimate comfort, with luxury accommodations and gourmet food, and the opportunity to experience the ultimate rush, viewing the Arctic in all its natural splendor.

Ultimate Transportation

A private Twin Otter bush plane will carry our equipment, baggage and participants between locations. The Twin Otter can land on snow, land and water and seats up to 18 people, and our small group size ensures that everyone on the bush plane gets a window seat! A Bell Long Ranger helicopter can carry six passengers and provides amazing aerial views. The helicopter will whisk expedition members from the landing strip to base camp if the plane has to land away from camp. Both the plane and helicopter provide the best opportunities for aerial reconnaissance to pinpoint groups of animals. Coordinates are radioed back to camp for a land-based approach. If necessary, the helicopter can easily transport expedition members over ice that would be otherwise impassable and can set down in remote areas that would otherwise be inaccessible – providing unprecedented access to wildlife.

Ultimate Coordination

We will select the best areas each day based upon both the prevailing weather conditions and feedback from our guides on the ground, who are monitoring weather conditions and alerting us to the presence of any big groups of animals. Our guides, and occasionally the entire camp setup, will be ready for us at each area. We will benefit tremendously from advance and real-time reconnaissance to select the best place for the camp in each area.

Ultimate Comfort

The ability to see so much and take full advantage of every single day is a real luxury, never before possible. But the luxury goes far beyond the day’s activities. Very large and spacious insulated and heated shelters provide a level of comfort unheard of in these remote areas. Temperatures are almost always above freezing during the Arctic summer, but we still outfit expedition members from head to foot in the world’s warmest clothing just to be sure. Our five star chefs will provide the finest cuisine, from handpicked steaks and venison to New Zealand lamb and even fresh baked breakfast rolls and cakes.

Ultimate Rush

There is no limit to the number of unique activities we can undertake during the expedition, including hot air ballooning, snow surfing, ice boating, ice climbing, kite skiing and boarding, cross country skiing, heliskiing, snow shoeing, kayaking, scuba diving, hiking and snowmobiling. Our sport leaders are world experts and are available for personalized instruction and supervision during all of the activities you wish to pursue. Artists will also delight in the skyscapes, landscapes, animals and indigenous peoples of the region.

Ultimate Memories

Our filmmaker can create a documentary of the entire expedition, providing a lasting keepsake of the adventure of a lifetime.

Ultimate Safety

Both aircraft provide the ultimate safety margin in the event that immediate medical attention is required. All staff members are trained in wilderness first aid, and for those with special medical needs, expedition doctor can be scheduled for all Ultimate Arctic Adventures. We bring an extensive array of electronics, ensuring that constant communication is possible between the group, guides and outside world. The risks inherent in camping on sea ice are also reduced, as the helicopter can move participants and equipment should danger arise.

Ultimate Flexibility & Scheduling

The expedition’s itinerary is confirmed on a day-by-day basis, based on the participants’ interests, current weather patterns and from the regular updates from the network of guides reporting in from the many potential locations we may wish to visit. Because we use our own aircraft, we are able to offer shorter expeditions, with greater flexibility than otherwise feasible. The minimum expedition length is one week, but we encourage participants to schedule expeditions at least 10-14 days long. A three week itinerary is ideal, providing the widest range of locations and experiences. For executives who simply cannot be out of touch for this long, we can provide a high-speed satellite Internet connection and satellite phone, even from our most remote campsites. Expeditions are scheduled from mid May into mid August and can begin and end on any day of the week.



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Trip Length
Flexible per your dream itinerary
Time of Year
Please call or email us for pricing.
Trip Category
Wildlife Viewing - Flight Seeing via Plane and Helicopter
Group Size
Baffin Island, Devon Island, Ellesmere Island, North West Passage (Canada)
Participant Experience Needed
Only a great attitude and adventurous spirit!
Primary Trip Focus
All arctic large animals – Beluga, Narwhal, Bowhead, Walrus, Polar Bears, Caribou, Musk-oxen
Ring Seal, Bearded Seal, Harp Seal
Arctic birds such as Black-billed muirs, Arctic Terns, Eider Ducks
Wildlife Viewing, Hiking, Kayaking
Optional: Snorkeling, Diving
Gateway town hotel, luxury eco-friendly seasonal base camp on sea ice or on shore (conditions permitting)
Private twin otter, helicopter, Snowmobiles, possibly Air boat / motorboat
Booking Terms
On request
Cancellation Terms
On request
It is a condition of this expedition that you must be insured against medical and personal accident risks. Evacuation insurance is highly recommended.
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