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Torngat Mountains Wildlife, Culture & Research Photo Safari


Day 0

Arrive in Goose Bay Labrador, Canada. Check into a hotel of your choice (we recommend Hotel North One). Overnight in Goose Bay (-/-/-)

Day 1

Board private plane for Torngat Mountain base camp from Goose Bay to Saglek. (B/L/D)

Days 1 to 3, 4 or 7

Itinerary varies based on package length. The below activities reflect possible activities that can be done. Day trips out of the Torngat Safari base camp. Polar bear habitat day trips, Incredible kayaking, spectacular hiking, Long-boat (traditional Labrador Inuit boat) trip to Hebron (abandoned Inuit village), with Nunatsiuvut Inuit, Parks Canada guides, and arctic researchers. Day trip by longliner to Saglek Fiord, Overnight trip to Hebron (abandoned village). Northern Lights at night

Wildlife of the Torngat Mountains

Polar Bears The polar bears of the Torngat Mountains are part of a population estimated to be over 2000 in size. With the sea ice gone polar bears are found along the coastline of the Torngat Mountains or sometimes swimming in the water. There is a very high likelihood that on day trips along the coast with our speedboat or long liner that we will have the opportunity to observe polar bears in a relaxed manner as they move along the coast. Black Bears As this is also the most northern territory of the black bear, there is also a chance that we may observe them. On one trip we have observed a polar bear on one side of the fiord, and a black bear on the other. It doesn’t happen on all trips, but …there is always the possibility! Caribou, Arctic Fox, Wolf and Seals Caribou are known to frequent the coastline of the Torngat Mountains and where there are caribou, the wolf are close by. In addition to bears, we will also be in search of the arctic fox, and of course, the ever plentiful seals – from bearded to harbour to ring seals.

Day trip Excursions

Saglek Fiord It is the fjords which leave the most indelible image in the minds of visitors to the Torngat Mountains. Saglek Fjord is the most accessible of these and makes up part of a day's excursion from the base camp. From the comfort of a fully equipped longliner vessel, you will peer up mountain walls into ancient pasts. Or from the excitement of state-of-the-art helicopters, you can pan the fjord walls as you scour the terrain for polar bears, caribou and wolves. From every perspective, the light and the mist and the geology change every single minute of every single day. Visitors come for the fjords and leave having been connected to the Inuit homeland. Sallikuluk (Rose Island) On the day trip via boat into Saglek Fjord to Sallikukuk, a focal point of the Inuit physical and cultural landscape. Home to numerous Inuit stone graves, a mass reburial site and two villages of ancient sod houses, Sallikuluk is a deeply layered archeological and emotional place which represents more than 5000 years of Inuit occupation. It provides a key baseline for understanding and appreciating the history of the Torngat Mountains. Accompanied by an Inuk Bear Guard, Sallikuluk is ideal for picnicking, low-level hiking and for experiencing wildlife observation, including seals, caribou, and polar bears. Hebron Lead by an Inuk Interpreter and Inuk Bear Guard accompany you aboard a longliner for a marine excursion for exploration and a shoreside lunch at Hebron, a six-hour steam south from the base camp. Although not in the Torngat Mountains National Park, the former Inuit community established by Moravian missionaries is a "must see." See the restoration of the Moravian mission complex – a testament to the Germans' ingenuity in meeting the challenges of constructing buildings in a landscape above the treeline. As remarkable as the Moravian Mission story is, with its restoration in progress under the management of the Nunatsiavut Government, there is more, including marine and land wildlife to observe and the compelling story of the 1959 expulsion of Hebron's Inuit residents. Take the time to read the apology from the Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador and the acceptance of the apology by the President of the Nunatsiavut Government, which are engraved on Labradorite tablets at Hebron. After your visit, you will understand why Inuit still make the journey in summer and winter to return to Hebron. Inuit Elders Our Inuit elders are accompanied by younger interpreters. Some of them were born and raised in Hebron. Listen to their first hand accounts of their time here.


Polar Bear viewing Polar bears thrive in the Torngat Mountain fiords and valleys. Using boats, we will enter the fiords north of the basecamp where we are sure to see polar bears walking along the coast in search of food.
Kayaking the fiords We take the kayaks out, some are doubles and others are single kayaks down spectacular fjords where the Inuit ancestors have camped and walked before. We stop for lunch to listen to the Inuit tell ancient stories and legends of the area as you sip on hot tea and eat hot food that has been prepared over an open fire
Spectacular Hiking and Heli-Hiking Along with bear guards we will hike the spectacular valleys, full of blooming flowers and braided streams. Chances of an inland polar bear encounter is rare, but precautions are taken nonetheless. A helicopter heli-hike will also be done.

Last Day (3, 4 or 7)

Board private plane for return flight to Goose Bay. Either overnight at hotel of your choice (Hotel North One) or continue on to your home destination.



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Trip Length
3, 4 or 7 days
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In 2015, 2016 OR 2017
Possible Inclusions
Flight Package (return Goose Bay to Torngat Base Camp). 3, 4 or 7 days at the Torngat Mountain Base Camp Up to 15 min of helicopter flight time The services of highly qualified Inuit Guides All day trip excursions while at the Torngat Base camp. All meals as listed in the itinerary
Diving Trip extensions in Newfoundland Clothing Rental
Group Size
Along with guests, camp staff, field researchers, and Inuit families there can be over 40 persons at the base camp at one time.
Torngat Mountains National Park – Saglek Fiord
Participant Experience Needed
Only a great attitude and adventurous spirit!
Torngat Mountains National Park Base Camp
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