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Gourmet Meals

Arctic Kingdom believes in providing only the best food possible and we spare no expense in bringing our own private cook to manage his own kitchen tent. It will be here that your cook will spend most of his or her time preparing the days meals, snacks and delicious desserts right out of our custom made field ovens. The dining/lounge area will have a convenient buffet table where unlimited snacks and hot drinks are provided all day long. Hot lunches, steaks for dinner, local fish such as Arctic Char, and if you would like to try it, we can also arrange for other local foods such as caribou to be prepared. Let us know what wines you would prefer to enjoy with our fine selection of cheeses before and during dinners. We will make every effort to meet your requests.


Bathrooms are almost like home and second to none in the Arctic. We have spend years perfecting a portable field bathroom system that allows you the comforts of home – complete with mechanical flushing system with bathroom sink and 'running water' for a completely hygenic and eco-friendly solution when nature calls. Inside the lodge bathroom facilities these eco-friendly toilets do not use any chemicals and are fully flushable using a bag system. All waste is brought back to the local town and properly disposed of.


Arctic Kingdom provides charging stations for all your power needs in camp. From solar panels to an in camp generator, you will have a place to charge all your camera's, ipods, laptops or any electrical device you may choose to bring. Power provided is 120VAC/60Hz using North American standard plug outlets. Some plug adaptors may be available but it is recommended that you bring your own plug adaptors to suit your electrical devices. If your electrical devices require 220Volt power, most cameras, laptops already have a power inverter/AC Adaptor that converts the power to the necessary level for your equipment on your power cord and there will be no further inverters/adaptors needed. To check, look at the Adaptor (usually the square/rectangular shaped box attached to your power cord) and examine the "Input" information. It will usually have an annotation similar to "INPUT" 100 - 240V.

What Level of Difficulty

The land-based expeditions are somewhat active but not too strenuous. Optional activities include kayaking, hiking on gently sloping terrain and diving.


March in the Nain, Labrador region can range from +4°C to -20 C. It will be imperative to dress warmly for this trip. Arctic Kingdom will assist in providing a cold weather clothing package. All remote base camp accommodations will be heated but during the day on day trips in the outdoor weather, we will be outdoors for a few hours at a time.

Daylight Hours

In March the sun sets around 6PM and rises at 6AM.

Optional Clothing Package

A recommended clothing packing list upon enrollment confirmation will be provided. We recommend that anyone travelling to the arctic dresses in layers. Of particular importance is the insulating outer layer. Regular ski jackets and pants are not suitable for the changing arctic climate. With over a decade of experience in all types of arctic weather, we have seen what works and what doesn’t. Arctic Kingdom has assembled a top-of-the-line clothing package that will enhance your arctic experience and allow you to enjoy your expedition in comfort no matter what Mother Nature brings. All of our staff have depended on the same clothing package for years of arctic adventures, so you can be sure you are getting the best options available. We realize that good quality, arctic worthy equipment is expensive to purchase all at once and may not be necessary for a one-time arctic adventure. Arctic Kingdom has an Arctic Spring/Fall Clothing rental package that will ensure you are comfortable, warm and dry for your expedition.

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Toll Free (North America): 888-737-6818
International: +1 (416) 322-7066
Trip Length
7 Days
By Request
Call to Request Details
Group Size
1 to 4 persons

The group is kept exclusively low to maintain an intimate and private polar bear viewing experience.
Starts from Goose Bay, Labrador.
Closest community is Nain, Labrador
Participant Experience Needed
Only a great attitude and adventurous spirit!
Goose Bay, 2 nights
Torngat Mountain Base Camp Lodge - 5 nights
Helicopter and Snowmobiles
Booking Terms
Call for details
Cancellation Terms
Call for details.
It is a condition of \this expedition that you must be insured against medical and personal accident risks and have search and rescue coverage (
Join Arctic Kingdom expedition director Thomas Lennartz for a virtual tour of this new polar bear and majestic northern lights viewing location set to depart in March/April.
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