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Suggested Custom Itineraries for M V Cape Race

Tell us where you want to go and what you want to achieve

Custom itineraries are built from scratch based on conversations with you. You might know exactly what you want to do. We can execute the plan. Perhaps you have an idea, but the details are fuzzy. We can bring the details into focus.


  • Western Greenland: In the Wake of Inuit and Vikings
  • Ilulissat: The Iceberg Capital of the World.
  • Baffin Island: Narwhal Capital of the World
  • Coast of Labrador and the Torngat Mountains
  • Best of Labrador and Greenland.
  • Lancaster Sound: Arctic Migrations
  • The Eastern Entrance to the Northwest Passage.

Photography, Family Reunion, Intertidal Research

A long time ago, whalers told tales of unicorns and castles made of ice found only in the great northern sea, where the sun never set between June and August. The beauty that inspired their tall tales will inspire 21st century photographers. The light, the subject matter - icebergs, narwhals and polar bears - deliver money shots for professionals and bragging rights for amateurs. Perhaps your family is about to scatter - college, the military, marriage. M V Cape Race is the perfect choice for a family reunion that will create shared memories that will last a lifetime. The Zodiacs and kayaks burn the energy of teenagers. Dining is family-style in the mess. The saloon is an excellent gathering place for board games and conversations. We design your itinerary to reflect your family's passions - from Broadway to exploring tidal pools. In 2014, M V Cape Race was chartered by a group of researchers studying the intertidal zone along the Labrador Coast. A private proof-of-concept expedition explored coastal Baffin Island and Labrador. We've been providing logistical support for researchers for more than 10 years.

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