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Destination Management

Destination Management - Make Arctic Kingdom Your Partner

Building a sustainable tourism industry takes field infrastructure and outdoor skills. plus business infrastructure and business skills. Small business tourism entrepreneurs with outdoor skills are expected to manage every facet of the business - graphic design, internet marketing, travel bookings, sales, channel development or any other combination of business specialties. Tourism entities are expected to develop product that meets international standards. Development and growth that lead to success can only occur when business activities meet the highest standards and are supported by professional expertise. A single entrepreneur without a team of professionals to support business goals caps growth and eventually burns out the entrepreneur. A professional team approach to tourism development and operations mitigates the risk of growth caps. burn out and for larger entities wasted investment in time and money.

Put Arctic Kingdom on your Destination Development Team

Arctic Kingdom can move a business or a region ahead faster than organic development can:
  • Comprehensive industry support and training
  • Full marketing and business support services
  • Equipment supply and maintenance

Our Destination Management Services

  • Development of custom tour packages
  • Define, operate and integrate training to increase resident staff skills in the field
  • Marketing, including attending tradeshows as well as graphic design and advertising
  • Sales - telephone rollover staffing; channel development, CRM systems, email campaigns
  • Bookings - credit card transactions - management of client paperwork
  • Umbrella insurance coverage
  • Clothing and gear rental
  • Equipment maintenance; and replacement
  • Coordinating groups across multiple destinations and providers
  • Travel coordination
  • Intern training program for community members interested in a tourism career
  • Best practice review and advice
  • Logistical planning using proprietary Arctic Kingdom's field planning framework
  • Hands-on field management and mentorship
  • Operating and/or coordinating specialized training programs for technical field skills and that lead to certificaion
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