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Northwest Passage and Greenland

Sail the Northwest Passage and the west coast of Greenland

Northwest Passage and Northern LightsFrobisher, Franklin, McLintock, Rae - names that still echo through the Northwest Passage, once the Holy Grail of Arctic exploration. Follow in their wake from Kangerlussuaq, Greenland to Kugluktuk (Coppermine), Nunavut, Canada.

Highlights of this Northwest Passage Cruise:

  • Sail the Northwest Passage from east to west
  • Sail the fiord where 90% of Arctic icebergs are calved, a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site
  • Experience wildlife photographic opportunities on a level professionals appreciate - birds, Peary caribou, musk oxen, walrus, polar bear
  • Visit Beechey Island, where Franklin crew members are buried
  • Visit Aujuittiq (Grise Fiord), the northernmost continually inhabited civilian community
  • Northern Lights viewing may be possible
  • Add to a birder's life list - the Western High Arctic Brant, a sea goose distinct from other Brant stocks.
  • Experience Canadian and Greelandic Inuit culture

Is the Northwest Passage ice free?

The simplest answer is that in comparison to ice coverage when Franklin and his crew searched for the trade route to Asia there is less ice present. However, to this day portions of the Northwest Passage can be impassable. Wind and currents move sea ice. When the wind blows the ice landward, especially in narrow channels, the result is impassable ice-scapes reminiscent of historic voyages of exploration. The whims of nature, therefore, ultimately dictate the route of this voyage. Our intention is to sail the southern end of Smith Sound, a historic route to the North Pole, often choked with ice at its northern mouth.

If you want to see narwhal, please note.

Narwhal are elusive and wary. Unlike dolphins, they are not drawn to the sound of engines. They will dive or change course to avoid ships, boats and Zodiacs. So if your dream is to encounter narwhal in the wild, then we strongly encourage you to join one of our land-based safaris designed to allow our guests to encounter narwhal in the wild: Narwhal and Polar Bear Safari, Great Migrations of the Northwest Passage or Kayaking in the Narwhal Summer Feeding Grounds.



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Trip Length
17 days
Aug 26 – Sept 11, 2016
Sept 11 – 26, 2016
Price From $8,995 USD
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$2,395 USD inclusive
Group Size
2 to a cabin
Greenland and the Canadian Arctic
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