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Walk with Grizzly Bears – A personal trip account on how to get within 10′ of a grizzly bear — safely!

October 7th, 2014 | By | Filed in Client Reports, Grizzly Bear

I recently returned from a walk in the wild with grizzly bears. I will deliver my first person stories of breath-taking encounters with grizzly cubs and adult bears as they fished just a few feet from me.

I will share personal videos and photos of the 25 minute helicopter flight over mountains and a million square kilometers of wilderness. I’ll share my pictures and videos of the antics of the cubs, and their protective mothers.

On this short webinar I will explain
1) how I was only a few feet away from Grizzly Bears – yet the only concern he had, was how much memory was left on his GoPro camera.

2) how I was able to watch Grizzly bears stalk fish, jump, and devour hundreds of chinook salmon

3) why of all Grizzly photography trips ‘out there’, this trip will get you closer than any to grizzly bears males, females, sub-adults, and cubs – safely!

4) how I was able to get some incredible video of grizzly cubs climbing a tree and almost losing his GoPro camera to the teeth of a grizzly cub.

5) why this trip is great for families and the professional photographer alike

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