05 Apr 2018 | Wildlife

The Best of Baffin Island: Wildlife encounters to add to your bucket list

For those looking for a unique travel experience, Baffin Island is a destination you’ll never forget. Baffin Island wildlife include some of the most sought-after animals in the Arctic, including polar bears and the elusive narwhal.  The largest island in Canada – and fifth largest in the world – trips to Baffin Island offer opportunities to observe Arctic […]

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16 Mar 2018 | Wildlife

10 Fun Facts About Narwhal: Are Narwhal Endangered?

Are Narwhals Endangered? Here Are Some Facts | Arctic Kingdom

Travellers often ask, ‘Are narwhals endangered?’ Known as the ‘unicorns of the sea’ it’s no wonder that voyagers often question this species. Narwhal watching is also one of the most sought-after experiences on trips to the Arctic Circle. Narwhals have never been successfully kept in captivity – the only way to view them is in the […]

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14 Mar 2018 | Wildlife

Kayaking in the Arctic With Narwhal

Kayaking in the Arctic With Narwhal | Arctic Kingdom

Narwhal are one of the most popular whales to watch in the Arctic. Nicknamed the “unicorn of the sea” because of their tusk, narwhal can only be spotted in the Arctic. One of the few places to spot them include the floe edge of Lancaster Sound, noted as one of the most prolific wildlife areas […]

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