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It’s all about TRUST and we believe TRUST is earned … that’s why:

  • Disney came to us when they wanted to film the movie 'Oceans'
  • National Geographic came to us when they wanted photos of Arctic Animals
  • An Emir from the Middle East came to us when he wanted to plan a mutli-million dollar North Pole Expedition
  • The Canadian Military came to us when they wanted to buy field tested Arctic Domes
  • Men’s Journal came to us when they ranked our Dive with Whales trip the Number 1 Canadian experience for Adrenaline Junkies
  • The High Arctic Search & Rescue team came to us when they wanted to access our Air Boats
  • A hot air balloon company came to us to field test their balloon in the Arctic
  • Naturalists came to us to take them to see Polar Bears and their cubs in dens
  • The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) came to us for our portable field oxygen generator and hyperbaric chambers
  • The best divers in the world come to us to get them close to Greenland Sharks, Walruses and Arctic Whales
  • When the Alfred Wegner Institute, an 800 person polar science organization, needed help coordinating aspects of a month long scientific sampling flight across the entire arctic from Svalbard to Greenland to Canada to Alaska they turned to Arctic Kingdom for logistics both before departure and while in the field
  • Selected as one of the top 25 trips in Canada for three years in a row by Explore Magazine
  • We have been featured in over 35 major articles and 5 Magazine Covers
  • IMAX came to us to film Narwhals
Sometimes the letters we receive from our travellers are so extraordinary that we can only stand humbly before them, an excerpt from a letter below (a recent participant on our Pond Inlet floe edge trip) stands as a testament to the power of a "best of both worlds" authentic Arctic experience...
...home seemed a long way behind me and Baffin Island, still just an unknown and distant destination and as I settled into my travels north, I realized that I had not really thought about what I was doing. I had no expectations. Indeed the trip was not even my idea, but that of a good friend and avid Arctic enthusiast and traveler. And while the adventure angle appealed to me I had no idea, no appreciation for what I would experience in the days to come. Words really can do no justice to capturing the majesty of the landscape and the deepness of the Inuit people. Sure I’d seen Polar Bears in the zoo, but this was like seeing them for the first time. And as real as the adventure was, it was tempered and contrasted by the luxuriousness of our camp, the tents which the term itself
belies their spaciousness and comfort, the full washrooms with shower (a real winner with my wife I will tell you) and the food which was simply superb. So to my friends at Arctic Kingdom, I say well done and thanks… thanks for the exemplary planning, the Canada Goose parkas, the surprisingly and well appreciated comfortable seats in the sleds (aka qamutiks) and of course, thanks to our guides whose willingness to share their amazing knowledge and friendship helped define for us an adventure the like of which we will never again enjoy… unless of course, we book for next year. My wife is already lining up friends to join us.
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