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Quite simply, because we own all of our own equipment, no other operator can provide access to the depth and breadth of activities we can. Whether you want to build an igloo with an Inuit elder or film a multi-million dollar Disney film production (as we did when we helped Disney film the movie Oceans) – we have the gear. What this means is that your range of options and activities is greater with us than with anyone else. We own everything from compressors and hyperbaric chambers to airboats, hot air balloons and 15 types of the latest arctic camp set-ups - all stored in different communities throughout the Arctic.
Arctic Kingdom’s cutting edge use of technology has been featured in articles by the European Space Agency and as an Intel case study on remote communications. Although we have access to almost every kind of advanced technology in the field, the best navigational route may come from a suggestion of one of our Inuit guides, who for generations have lived in an area and may offer advice not obvious as a first choice from technology alone. To have both options and all of the data, modern high tech and proven wisdom passed down through generations is to have: “the best of both worlds”
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