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This is not a land to take lightly and if you’re only going to visit the Arctic once (or if you really have fallen in love with it), don’t you want to see, touch, feel, experience, the real Arctic? Our approach to luxury adventure in the Arctic is about the richness and authenticity of the experience rather than the number of Michelin stars. We enjoy a great restaurant, bottle of wine, or five-star hotel as much as anyone but we also know that nothing tastes better than an exceptionally well-prepared meal after a day of tracking polar bears. Squeezing every great moment of your time with us is our sole mission. You no doubt will have high expectations and we aim to exceed them. We believe we are uniquely qualified to do this because we possess two (proprietary) competitive advantages: our approach to guiding and our gear!
“Arctic Kingdom - the world’s leading company for managing complicated logistics in the North” –Scott Polar Research Institute

Go Where few have Gone Before

Experience one of the most captivating, awe inspiring places on earth - the realm of explorers and adventurers. Arctic Kingdom's focus is on the authenticity of your trip, and a true Arctic experience in comfort and safety. We travel in small groups, only 4-12 people to provide the most direct interaction with the incredible natural beauty of the terrain.

Our Approach to Guiding

Our guides are local Inuit people who know the terrain and the animals, their knowledge and secrets are part of every one of our trips. With the support of our guides and the latest in equipment, our trips supply the maximum authenticity of experience, a higher probability of seeing the animals you came to see, and safety, comfort, and warmth.

Our Equipment

We own all of our equipment and outfit our clients for a huge range of activities. Want to build an ingloo with an Inuit elder, or film a multi-million dollar film? We have the gear. Ice diving, air boats, hot air balloons, and 15 types of the latest camp setups, it's all in our toolkit.


We believe trust is earned through dedication to our clients and providing the very best Arctic travel experience possible. Past clients include Disney Nature, National Geographic, IMAX, the Canadian Military, The High Arctic Search and Rescue team, any number of scientists, naturalists, photographers, divers on assignment for publications, and of course, travelers in search of a unique, unforgettable adventure.


We are able to accommodate complete outfitting for all seasons, conditions, and group sizes. Logistics include everything from transportation, equipment, and food, to people to help run and maintain a camp. Each campsite plan is custom-tailored to the requirements of your expedition and we supply only the best field-proven Arctic-ready equipment. Arctic Kingdom has over a decade's worth of field experience helping expeditions optimize plans, stay within budget, and coordinate practical considerations.
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