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Logistics & Outfitting

Arctic Kingdom offers complete outfitting capabilities for all seasons, conditions and group sizes. We can provide everything from equipment to food to expedition professionals to help with every facet of running and maintaining a camp. We rent specialized expedition, sport and filming equipment to institutions and production companies for long term projects and can provide a single point for procurement. We pride ourselves on delivering a consistently high-quality camp site custom-tailored to the unique requirements of each expedition. We only provide the best field-proven equipment purchased from specialized arctic and antarctic manufacturers from around the world.


Whether confirming fuel availability and quotas, establishing remote fuel caches, calculating number of loads for any given aircraft, doing advance reconnaissance, confirming potential runways, assessing the condition of landing strips, or constructing ice runways, Polar Logistics can help determine the best solutions and manage the necessary details to ensure each plan remains viable.


From camping gear, scientific instruments, specialized vehicles, film equipment, sporting equipment, heavy machinery or field samples to return for analysis, there is no end to the amount of gear even “small” polar projects may require. Polar Logistics specializes in transporting freight to and from the most remote polar regions of the world.


A project’s success is tied to the quality and experience of the people on the ground. Polar Logistics can can provide a full team of qualified, experienced personnel for all support and leadership roles, or to fill any missing positions. We work with senior guides from arctic communities around the world to provide safety and know-how on land and sea.

Camps & Gear

Utilizing more than a decade’s worth of field experience, Polar Logistics provides access to an entire catalog of rigorously tested gear. We outfit a single project or multiple expeditions, and work to optimize camp plans and budgets through coordinated logistical plans across a company or institute and between the Polar Logistics Network of companies.


From the earliest planning stages through travel coordination and on-site management, Polar Logistics will work with you to ensure the best possible outcome for whatever your polar needs. We’ll work with local communities, suppliers, government organizations and transport providers to ensure that every leg of your expedition is meticulously planned and executed.
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