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Our Vision

Go Where Few Have Gone Before

In a world crowded by people and cars, concrete and ever increasing trivial matters, there is one company that offers an experience that transcends mere travel - a company that offers you a chance to immerse yourself in the last great wilderness - to experience up close the world above the Arctic Circle. That company is Arctic Kingdom. Ensuring that you touch, see, hear, smell and taste 'the last great wilderness of our planet' and the proud people who live there drives everything we do. We've done away with the hotel walls and permanently parked the tundra buggy. With no cruise ship railings, no trail markers, and no clip-boarded pre-programmed, pre-packaged schedules we put as little as humanly possible between you and the Arctic you've come to experience. We intentionally guide you comfortably out of your comfort zone where your pulse will quicken and your senses will sharpen - a sure ticket to revitalized awareness. And while our trips are very carefully planned on the one hand, they are at the heart, an emotional experience guaranteed to elicit life-long memories that will remain keen and vibrant long after you've returned home. We travel in small groups of 4-16 fellow adventurers. (Any Inuit guide will tell you that a larger group size compromises your ability to feel and see what the Arctic has to offer.) One of the most captivating places on earth, the Arctic boasts vast stretches of treeless tundra, icebergs, abundant wildlife, rich Inuit culture and a remarkably invigorating isolation from the rest of the world. We want you to truly experience the Arctic, and to do so, is to understand the essential Inuit belief that everything in nature is infused with the spirit of life.
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